Alcatel-Lucent Brings IP Routing Software To Better Cloud Services


Cloud computing


Alcatel-Lucent is delivering the industry’s most complete IP edge routing software portfolio built to meet the demands of any carrier cloud environment. The Alcatel-Lucent Virtualized Service Router (VSR) is an extensive suite of software applications that will allow IP networks and services to scale flexibly as demand grows.  The company intends to start deploying this in 2015.

“NFV is very important for us in enabling new service opportunities and efficiencies and we’re in the process of transforming our network to a more flexible architecture,” said Mathieu Bonnin, Responsable Architecture, Direction Réseau, Axione, an affiliate of Bouygues Energie. “As part of this transformation we tested Alcatel-Lucent’s Route Reflector application and were very impressed by its performance. We have measured that the virtual Route Reflectors are eight times faster than the Route Reflectors currently used in our network. We look forward to testing more of Alcatel-Lucent’s VSR applications as they continue to roll out in 2015.”

By deploying both hardware and software-based routing functionality, providers will have the best of both worlds, able to evolve networks at their own pace and choose the service delivery to meet the specific needs of their customers.

With this model, Alcatel-Lucent enables the telecommunications industry to take on a cloud-centric approach towards building networks and delivering services. This simplifies the process from ordering to delivery, while reducing the costs and increasing agility, with the ability to scale up, down or out, as required.