South Africa’s HealthQ Launches LifeQ




South African health tech startup HealthQ, has launched the  LifeQ. It uses real time and predictive data to create digital simulations of human physiology.

LifeQ has tapped into the human sensor by combining two technologies: continuous physiological monitoring and bio-mathematical modeling which provide insights about personal and population-wide health.

“We want to change the way people think about their health, and this new development is finally allowing us to do that,” said executive founder of LifeQ, Dr. Riaan Conradie. “We can now deliver incredible insights to people about their bodies, potentially even predicting a heart attack.”

Computational Systems Biology is a relatively new field of scientific endeavour and currently there is only a small group of expert scientists publishing globally in this field. LifeQ’s multi-disciplinary team is pioneering this effort and has a vision of enabling every human being to really understand their own bodies and health, and make decisions based on highly personalized health records and insights. The LifeQ team includes biologists, computer scientists, electronic design engineers, mathematical statisticians, researchers, biomedical engineers, software architects, scientists and commercial experts.

LifeQ’s technology focuses on highlighting and improving six major verticals in one technological device for users to optimize their health and well-being including: fitness, nutrition, sleep and stress, medical, health and data mining. This state of the art development and potential applications are myriad. LifeQ is currently partnering with a wide range of brands to enable them to tap into the LifeQ model specific to their industry.