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Breaking: Uber Goes Live in Nairobi

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uberkenya After much speculation Uber, has today launched in Nairobi, and we are not the first ones to ride the UberX Toyota Corolla’s and fielders, no, not just yet.

Last week we were so ethusiastic we would but we were caught unawaress this morning as the Nairobi Garage-based smartphone launched in town.

Alastair Curtis, International Launcher for Africa, says: “After a months worth of speculation, we are so excited to be launching in Nairobi with our uberX product. This new service means that you can now enjoy a seamless, efficient and safe ride at an extremely affordable price. The introduction of our service will revolutionise the way Kenyans go about their daily lives. Our mission for Nairobi is to provide the safest, most reliable rides at the touch of a button.”

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As we announced last week, Uber teamed up with EatOut, to offer complimentary rides during Nairobi Restaurant Week, which kicks off tomorrow where passengers will get KES 2000 off their first two Uber rides.

UberX is set to take on Rocket Internet’s Easy Taxi in Nairobi for both drivers and passengers and we are glad they are both here for customers to choose who is king.

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Nairobi is the sixth city in Africa to launch after Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Lagos and Cairo but unlike this other cities Nairobi didn’t have secret Ubers testing the service.

1) Driver Information:

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Uber riders can see their drivers photo, name, vehicle and registration as well as the drivers star rating when booking – providing riders with all the information they need to ensure a safe and secure ride before even stepping into the car.

2) Live GPS-enabled Map:

Uber riders also have access to a live GPS-enabled map throughout their journey and can share this with family, partners or friends, who can then track their swift, secure and safe travel to their destination.

3) Rider Feedback:

Riders can rate their drivers at the end of each journey. Uber’s 5 star rating system means Uber riders can give honest feedback about the driver taking them to their destination. Drivers who don’t consistently keep customers happy and get good ratings from passengers, are removed from the Uber service. Uber’s rating system means the rider drives the service levels and can give real-time feedback on their trips.

4) Driver Safety:

Uber also takes the safety and security of their partner drivers extremely seriously. Alastair Curtis, International Launcher in Nairobi, says that Uber is a completely cashless system protecting both riders and drivers. “Drivers don’t carry cash; all payments are cashless, electronic and traceable. A rider’s fare is charged automatically and electronically onto their credit or debit card after their trip.”

5) Driver Background Checks:

All partner drivers in Nairobi have a commercial license and have insurance, and Uber takes it one step further but ensuring that all partner-drivers undergo a comprehensive biometric criminal background check before they are allowed to drive on the Uber system. In addition, Uber performs regular vehicle inspections to ensure vehicle safety standards are maintained. This makes Uber the safest and most efficient way to get around Nairobi.

To request a ride, users must download the free application for Android, iPhone, Blackberry 7, Windows Phone or register for Uber at www.uber.com/go. To celebrate Uber’s launch into Nairobi all riders will get a 20% discount on their fares, for two weeks only.

What to expect:

Standard Pricing:

  • Base Far KES100 + KES 4 per minute + KES 60 per kilometer
  • Cancellation: KES 300
  • Minimum Fare: KES 500
  • Promotional pricing: 20% off all fares for the first two weeks of launch only.

Car Type:

  • Riders can expect uberX vehicles that are Toyota Corolla’s, Fielder’s or equivalent.



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