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Nigeria’s wants to redefine event venue booking

by Sam Wakoba
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10422461_787790011315025_8975860936920115200_nAndrew Airelobhegbe, the co-founder/ chief product evangelist of doesn’t want anyone hosting an event to break a sweat over a venue.

He knows it’s a pain trying to host an event or finding a venue for an event? It’s a hassle to find a venue that meets your requirements, you waste so much time and effort trying to find the right venue and often, days are wasted with location visits to event venues that aren’t quite right, or that aren’t available for booking during the event’s time.

It’s not a one-sided problem. Venue owners also find it difficult to advertise their venues and at times struggle to get the word out about their venues.

“They face a lot of problems managing payments and most of all this venues suffer low bookings,” says Airelobhegbe.

Enter ogaVenue.

OgaVenue is an online portal which makes finding and booking venues for private and public events an easy task. ogaVenue makes booking venues  just a click away and is a great platform to increase their visibility, drive in more bookings and help them easily manage there venues.


“ogaVenue is initially developed by team of 7 people. We manage the entire end-to-end process. Starting from providing various venue options, guiding venue seekers to the best suited venues, checking availability and concluding the entire payment process,” Airelobhegbe says.

The platform works simply.

Users visit the site. Type where they want to host the event, browse through a list of venues, check availability of the venue of their choice, schedule inspection and then book the venue. For venues, this makes marketing for their venues so easy and makes them to get discovered easily as well as get attractive.

OgaVenue currently has 1000+ venues listed in Lagos and Edo and are moving to cover the 36 states in Nigeria before the last quarter of the year. The firm aims to launch in the Southern African market in a bid to help change the way people find and book event venues!


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