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NTV, KTN, QTV and Citizen to resume broadcast on Thursday

by Susan Mwenesi
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NATION TVWeeks ago four broadcasters went off air one by one in front of baffled viewers after the Communications Authority forcefully disconnected the analogue signals belonging to the four, sparking accusations and counter accusations between the two parties.

This is while at the same time roping in angry and certainly opinionated viewers who supported either of the two parties in regards to the digital migration debate.

Well now if  you own a universal set top box you are in luck because as from Thursday 6:50 pm you will be able to access the four media stations that have been off air for weeks now , NTV, QTV, KTN and Citizen TV.

According to reliable sources, there have been negotiations between the media houses that have led to the decision and the other stations will also be up on the same day.

In a tweet NTV Kenya said: “NTV, QTV resume broadcast in Nairobi on Thursday, 6:50pm. Available on ADN network to those with universal set top boxes.”

This is might be good news to quite a number of people who own the universal STB but there remains the question of the viewers who are on the pay TV platforms who stand to remain in the dark save for the other free to air stations in the country.

On this issue one pay TV  station has spoken out and Zuku’s  Jackline Awino said: “We do not offer the free to air channels exclusively after disconnection since we are also charged to have them in our platform.The channels (Citizen, KTN, NTV and QTV) are not available at this time due to the ongoing negotiations between the parties involved. The channels are not available on any platform: either Digital or Analog in most parts of the country. If and when the channel providers are back they will be still available on our platform.

As for now it looks like the dice is cast for the other  pay TV viewers and they might just have to buy another STB for their houses if they are to watch the four broadcasters.

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