Kenya’s Wayo launches to help you track & measure service delivery in real time


wayoCustomer satisfaction management is not easy, mostly because of lack of data and nothing will take away this demand.  Kenya’s WAYO want to help you to collect and analyze this data in realtime.

Founded by  Ernest Makotsi and Gerald Owino, WAYO is an in-location feedback service that allows organizations to track performance and measure service delivery in real time.

WAYO collects feedback, tracks performance and measures service delivery across various service points in real-time, enabling its customers to gain powerful insights which they can use to promptly make decisions that will improve service delivery to customers.

The insight helps firms act on customers’ comments and issues in realtime.

According to the founders, “WAYO enables you to optimize processes better. Through harnessing its real-time capabilities you can track performance, measure service delivery and engage with customers in the moment to quickly resolve issues at the decisive moment and retain customers at risk.”

The startup says it delivers continuous, meaningful and timely information across all service points to help firms make data-backed desicions and respond to their clients.  The startup is utilizing USSD and SMS to collect data from customers at no cost. The management team then accesses the feedback data on demand through the cloud from anywhere in the world.

“We also understand a big part of improving service delivery is being able to evaluate and measure what was delivered i.e. measure the promise against the expectation; this forms a key part of our business both internally and to our clients.” The founders say. “We sell insights into customer thinking to large size organizations whose problem is customer retention and increasing sales frequencies. We solve this problem by giving them access to real time information on their customer experiences.”

Backed by Growth Africa’s Johnni Kjelsgaard, who is also the Chairman, WAYO aims to help business in Africa to expand globally as well as those willing to expand to Africa to launch and operate with full understanding of the region. WAYO sees the move back and forth as a huge opportunity for it to help these businesses understand the African market.

“As an insights Company we position ourselves to help these businesses gain clear understanding of the market by giving them access to information that enables them predict and adapt to the customers’ needs in real time so that they can create tailored experiences that go beyond market expectation thus enabling them build closer relationships with the people who matter most in their business success,” the firm write on its website.

WAYO will capture and analyze all interactions across the customer journey and applying mobile technology to identify valuable patterns, trends and Voice of the Customer insights

The solution is designed for organizations that have a large customer base, multiple service points and locations in sectors such as Health Care, Banking, Insurance, Airlines, Hospitality, Agriculture and Education. The firm presents tools in mobile-SMS/USSD formart, data display graphs,  charts and comments  depending on customer satisfaction.

It also does ticketing  to allow for quick responses by involving the customer and in addition uses geo location mapping to help a client the reach of their products or services and understand customer segmentation.

Though WOYA is awesome, it isn’t the first such plaform to give firms decision support tools. Firms such as Echo Mobile , Msurvey among others have been doing this for a while now. However, it would be interesting to see how WOYA tackle the scene though.WAYO big muscle and difference from the two as it solely deals with customers and is a customer management support tool and not just any research too.