LG To Introduce Music Flow Bluetooth Speakers In Kenya



LG electronics has launched the Music Flow Speakers in the Kenyan market; it is a small rectangular portable Bluetooth speaker.

This speakers, equipped with the Auto Music Play function and the Multo-Point function, allows the devices to connect with up to three Bluetooth devices at the same time and switch between them without having to stop the follow of the music.

The Auto Music Play can also be connected to a compatible LG TV for enriched sound via TV Sound sync or get powerful stereo sound by connecting two speakers to a TV or smartphone by Dual play function. The device can run for seven hours non-stop life.

Moses Marji Marketing General Manager, LG Electronics East Africa: “LG MusicFlow will be continually developed to enhance both indoor and outdoor experience of our customers so that everyone can enjoy music that they, love anywhere.”

The device will retail at an average price of 17,995, will have a warranty of two years and will be available in selected store across Kenya in two weeks.