CEO Weekends: Microsoft 4Afrika Launches, a TukoWorks Clone for Job Seekers in Ghana

Dubbed TizaaWorks , the platform has both hard and soft skills to help bridge the skills gap thought to be among the unemployed youth and as well connect them to jobs and career guidance resources as well as info on entrepreneurship.  In Kenya, Microsoft launched TukoWorks, while in Nigeria it launched Aiki.
In a statement, Brad Smith, General Counsel and Executive Vice President, Legal and Corporate Affairs, Microsoft.
said: “We hope that this platform serves as a bridge, connecting Ghana’s young people to the tools, resources, and people they need to find the fulfilling careers they deserve.”

TizaaWorks helps the youth to plan for their careers with career counselling, job market info and data. It also has info on traning such as mentor matching, IT training, entrepreneurship, CV writing, soft & language skills, help them to find a job using a matching tool, while for entrepreneurs it has start-up training, funding tools, social entrepreneurship and free-lance opportunities as well as help the youth to network with peers and mentors.

IICD and other partners are working with Microsoft to roll out such employability Platforms in Africa and the Middle East under Microsoft’s YouthSpark and 4Afrika Initiatives to  create 96, 000 job opportunities and 200,000 new entrepreneurs by the end of 2015.