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Start Up Café Neo Wants to Make African Coffee Great Again

by Shera
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Neo stands for ‘gift’ in Tswana, a language originating from southern Africa. The company believes coffee to be a precious resource enjoyed and cherished, much like a gift. Their coffee is harvested and grown in Africa, contrary to those imported for local consumption. The coffees indulged in are made in Africa for the African consumer to appreciate.

Café Neo aspires to be a brand across Africa that provides a ‘third space’, where customers can escape, meet like-minded dreamers and create great things. Neo is thus less about a cafe chain, but more about building communities around powerful ideas, with strong links to entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

Only three years in, and the Café is now Nigeria’s largest and fastest-growing coffee chain with 11 upscale outlets in Lagos. This has only encouraged further expanding, by selling the finest African coffee in their shops and select retail outlets, first in Nigeria and then further afield, targeting the general African Market.

A look into their website shows fascinating features, in particular, receiving a free coffee after subscribing to their newsletter!

Several customers across Lagos aren’t the only ones appreciating Neo’s services, as they recently received $250,000 fund from the Lagos Startup DealDay which has an event put together by the Lagos Angel Network (LAN). Lagos Sturtup DealDay brings together LAN members, other angel investors and Lagos startup ecosystem players in a process where the very best startup ventures are guaranteed funding. Hopefully, this ultimate step forward will see them achieve their goal to become Africans leading coffee chain outlet.

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