E-Kodi; A WordPress For Real Estate


E-Kodi founded by Dennis Ochieng Otieno, automates property management through a web and mobile app.

E-Kodi is transforming the lifestyle of property owners and developers by introducing a paperless solution for property management with a setup that takes less than 10 minutes, just like starting a blog.

They provide a suite with ground breaking property management features, developed with user centered design methodology, as a result the dashboard makes it possible for the manager to get tenants online, lease online, manage tenancy, manage their properties, generate invoices, make payments through mobile gateways, generate reports.

To the tenants and property owners in gated communities, e-Kodi revolutionizes renting through the Tenants Portal. This makes it possible for tenants to communicate with the property managers, get invoices, make payments, and have access to service providers in their neighborhood. If you are generally interested in WordPress real-estate templates or themes, Collectiveray has a very good roundup of themes.

Property hunting just got simpler through custom search. Through a custom search, one gets assigned a real estate agent to do a manual search of their desired property. This service is used by those who want the convenience of having someone do the search for them. Otherwise, the front end has a listing of properties. E-Kodi automates property management, through a web and mobile app. ThE-Kodi is transforming the lifestyle of property owners, you too can benefit from the same by clicking here.