MELVIT.COM; Investment Sourcing, Business Finance & Ecommerce For African Producer

2076, created by Kolapo Olabintan, is an ecommerce marketplace for local businesses producing goods locally. Their platform focuses only on handmade & manufactured goods. Melvit is an e-commerce marketplace that sells indigenous produced products in Nigeria. Their focus is on locally produced products ranging from handmade to manufactured products – all made in Nigeria. This platform is dedicated solely to emerging African entrepreneurs, inventors, SMEs and Corporate Merchants who can list their products for sale to the public.

Nigeria, a country that currently imports 80% of total consumption explains the immediate problem needed to be solved. Both craftsmanship and the manufacturing sector is in comatose due to lack of appropriate platform to trade and showcase locally produced goods. The platform focuses only on promoting the sales of local products ranging from handmade products to manufactured products.

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