is Providing On-demand Laundry Services Across Lagos, Nigeria


In a city like Lagos, the week days are always extra busy for many Lagosians. They spend their mornings in traffic, afternoons/evenings at work, and most part of the evenings back in traffic. When the weekend arrives, there’s so much to do at home, and any Lagosian would gladly embrace an opportunity to give out some of those tasks in order to have their weekends for relaxation alone. is offering to help Lagosians take the dry cleaning/laundry task.

Launched by Gbenga Odegbami, the online platform (website and mobile app) provides on-demand dry cleaning/laundry services across Lagos.

According to the founder, We observed that majority of Lagos residents spend a greater part of their day at work and sadly a couple more hours are spent facing the traffic.

So, their weekend is often strained between resting, social outings and doing chores, one of which is doing their laundry. The truth is most people would gladly give this task to someone else if it is convenient, reliable and affordable.

Safi was borne out of the desire to provide efficient and convenient laundry services to individuals so they can have time to engage in other productive tasks.”

To subscribe to the service, users place their orders either via the app or on the website, and the laundry company will pick up the clothes, clean them and deliver them at the doorstep of the subscribers within 48 hours.

The platform offers several flexible packages/plans — subscription based and pay-as-you-go — from which customers can choose.

Odegbami revealed that Safi is built on a logistics algorithm combined with a world class dry cleaning processes.

Even with competitors like Kisafi, Garmentcare and Cleanace he doesn’t seem to shaken. He has tagged Safi as the ‘Uber of premium dry-cleaning’, and claims that their model is founded on quality, timeliness and convenience. He further revealed plans to expand the Safi service from Lagos to Abuja and Port Harcourt.