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Growsel is Connecting Local Farmers to Investors

Although Agriculture contributes to 30% of Nigeria’s GDP, a number of farmers still struggle to make things work, and grow their farms as a result of limited funds.

Growsel is looking to change this by empowering under-financed farmers across Nigeria. The platform is a farmers’ marketplace that connects local farmers to investors.

Growsel also goes further to provide access to global best agricultural practical advice through SMS to local farmers without internet.

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For farmers seeking investments, they simply sign up on the website, and then get connected to individual and corporate investors for funding within the estimated fund raising duration before cultivation.

After harvest, Growsel also helps farmers provide partner uptakers who are always available to buyout produce from farms.

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For investors, they in turn can browse through available farming projects; select a crop and farm of their choice and invest in line with budget and estimated ROI.

Farm updates from weeding, planting to fertilizing and chemical applications to harvesting are sent to investors via photos, videos and chats in real time from surveyors in the field using our exclusive Farm Monitory Feature. With an approval from Growsel, investors can also inspect a farm directly in the field.

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