Vivo, OPPO’s sister company, just beat Apple in releasing a Fingerprint sensor embedded under the screen. 


The fingerprint sensor has evolved very fast in the last couple of years. The technology came out long ago but not until it got applied in mobile phones unlocking (and later for process logins and payments) that it advanced in accelerated pace. 

Not only has the fingerprint sensor become faster but it has changed in form too, from requiring a ‘swipe’ to a ‘press’ and now it seems be moving to just a ‘touch’. The location of the fingerprint has also been exchanged over the years. Companies like Apple and Samsung have  equipped it on the front home buttons, Huawei has had it on the rear panel, Sony mounts it on the side home key and now, its going under the display. Yes, the fingerprint will not need a designated location anymore, the touch screen display will have a fingerprint under it, it’s called the optical fingerprint technology. 

There were rumors that Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ would have this new technology but it didn’t happen. Now the whispers are saying that the Galaxy Note 8 will have it instead.

Many reports have said that the upcoming iPhone 8 will embed the Touch ID under the retina display. In fact, in the leaked images, there is no fingerprint location in sight. The front display will be edge to edge so there is no where to place it; the back only has the camera and the Apple logo, but will they be the first to do it? 

Turns out that according to a video in Weibo (China’s Twitter version), Vivo, OPPO’s sister company, just beat them to the finish line. The Vivo phone that bears this new technology is set to be launched on June 28, that’s less than two weeks now. The iPhone 8 on the other hand is set for September launch while the Galaxy Note 8 may come on August. However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rumors are still very scarce, that only leaves Apple as the only contender for the new technology. Unfortunately, the identity of the Vivo phone is unknown, just that it will have dual cameras on the back. Anyway, we only have a couple of weeks to wait for the full unveiling.