E-commerce Website 9jmarket, Wants to be the Next Jumia


9jamarket, founded by Nelson Ugochukwu, is an online market platform where sellers can offer their products or services online by simply uploading the necessary pictures accompanied with a description and contact information.

Initially, 9jamarket started out as a classified ads website but as it grew, it gave birth to four subdivisions.

Today, 9jamarket Company has 5 main services they offer and each of these services are offered by a subdivision of the company.

The services include:

  • Platform for posting of free classified ads: Here you can advertise your product, what you do and other classified ads without having to pay anything.
  • Platform for buying and selling of freelance services:  they provide a platform where Nigerian freelancers can sell their services and people can buy from them in a safe and secured platform that is scam and fraud-free.
  • Platform for creating your own online store: We also provide Nigerian sellers with the option of creating their own online store with ease. Within minutes, one’s online store will be created and they can add as many products they want. Customers can then make orders and pay directly to the site.

Statitics show that just in the Middle East and Africa,  revenue in the e-commerce market amounted to $16,779m this year, with revenue expected to show an annual growth rate of 12.3% which will result in a market volume of $26, 685m by 2021.  With continued growth in this sector, it’s no surprise that 9jmarket want a piece of the pie. They seek to bridge that gap between Nigerian sellers and buyers and become the largest online classified/e-commerce website in Nigeria.

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