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LEAK: The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 pictures leak in their full glory.


It’s about the time of the year where major smartphone companies release the phones that will be their flag bearers for the remaining part of the calendar. Samsung is one such company, and they are preparing to launch the Galaxy Note 8. It will be the successor of the ill-fated Note 7 that fans have been waiting for a long time despite the refurbished version being released recently.

According to pictures leaked by the famous –and often very accurate- tipster Evleaks, we can see the design will be a slight alteration of what we have on the Samsung Galaxy S8. The Infinity Display makes a come-back, but this time, it has square corners instead of the round ones of the S8.

The Evleaks render also confirmed that there will be a midnight black color option. However, there was another set of images that was released showing a beautiful gold color version. This second leak even had the S Pen shown. Apparently, the Pen will have the same color as the phone (gold colored phone= gold colored S Pen).

The back of the phone will carry the often rumored dual camera set up. It is not clear what will be the exact purpose of the second camera, for instance , monochrome shooting like Huawei  or for telescopic like the iPhone, but rest assured that whichever the case, Samsung will not disappoint, they have been chart toppers in photography for a long time.