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Edves Suit Makes School Easier for Educators and Parents

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Educators lose research time to manual recording and computation of result, parents now find it difficult to pay school fee to the bank due to increase in traffic and demanding tasks at work, school owners lose revenue and vital information to poor recording and students do not have access to alternative learning tools. These have created inefficiencies and that why African education is still backward.

Edves Catalyst is a bootcamp, created by Edves Limited with the support of World Bank Group, GEM Project, Ministry of Trade & Investment, and MainOne Cable Company to support Educators with information, mentoring and resources for free with the aim of reinventing Education in Africa. This programme was created for Educators in Primary and Secondary Schools in Africa.

Through Edves Catalyst, world-class Educators, outstanding business owners and excellent professionals from various fields would impact the Education system by collaborating with the Educators to exchange actionable ideas and trending information useful in raising the next generation.

Edves Suite, a School Management Software is one tool used to deliver on Edves Catalyst’s objectives. It operates in schools and colleges from student enrollment to graduation. Educators save cost and gain more time to teach and innovate. Parent track academic performance and pay school on-the-go. Students check results, attend to home works and interact with educative videos and games.

They have built and deployed Edves to over 70 schools in Nigeria. The system automates teaching, learning and administrative complexities such as school payment reminder SMS, sessional student academic and behavioural performance report, E-payment school fee, and more.

Some schools owners showed interest in Edves because it helps increase their schools’ revenue generation; teachers love Edves because result computation can now be done without error, and at the click of a button; parents also love Edves for making it easier to be in the loop of their child’s performance, see their assignments, pay school fee and even communicate better with the school.

Their goal is to automate and empower 1000 schools in 2017 with Edves, teachings from productive leaders in Education, Information Technology, Marketing and Nation Building. Every participating school will get Edves Basic (School Management Software) and other resources for free.

To that extent, 500 selected schools will receive free access to  Edves Catalyst Lagos Bootcamp, 1-term school acceleration programme, free Edves Basic (School Management Software for new subscribers), connection with Bankers for Loans, heavily discounted School branding service and other free resources from our partners.

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