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“We are working on a fix” – Facebook says you’ll soon be able to block Mark Zuckerberg and his wife

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Apparently, after paying listening ears to the cry of several Facebook users who have complained that they do not want continue to see posts from the social network giant C.E.O and his wife Priscilla, and efforts to block their profile have proved abortive, Facebook is now doing something about it.

Some days back, reports sprung out from several corners of the internet that on user could block the Facebook profile of both Facebook co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan. Not even a single individual out of the over 1 billion active Facebook users have the capability to do such. Surprising, right?

When you do not like the posts of a certain Facebook user or you do not want to see any updates from them for a specific period (or forever), all you need do is to walk (not literally) your way to their profile, unfriend them, report them, or block them. Apparently, that freedom to choose the last option doesn’t apply to the profiles of the co-founder of the platform and his wife.

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Users have reported to always encounter an error message whenever they try to block either of the duo’s account.

Mark Zuckerberg

“Block Error. Sorry, there was a problem blocking Mark Zuckerberg. Please try again.” is the error message displayed when you try blocking Mark on Facebook. Users were presented the same error message when they tried blocking Priscilla Chan’s account.

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Admitting that this problem is aged over 7 years now and has been dated to have begun as far back as 2010, Facebook have provided the rationale behind the ordeal. An unnamed person at Facebook revealed that of a particular Facebook account have been block for too many times within a short period of time, over time, it will become impossible to block account anymore. Why? Read on.

According to IndianExpress, an algorithm was once created to limit the number of times an individual can be blocked on Facebook. But as time passed, the algorithm was reportedly modified to make it impossible to block the accounts of both Mark and Priscilla.

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Still going by the words of the unnamed Facebook spokesperson as obtained by IndianExpress, the algorithm or restrictions however doesn’t stop users from reporting a profile or a page.

“I can tell you that people trying to block a profile or Page may see an error message if it has been blocked many times within a short period. This temporary message does not prevent people from reporting profiles or Pages that they think are in violation of our Community Standards,” the Facebook spokesperson said.

The problem is being fixed by the Facebook team but according to Mark, may take time.

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