8 Cheap Cool Gadgets You Need To Have


Whenever you hear the word gadget the first thing that comes to mind is they are too expensive. So you deny yourself the option of having any simply because you already think you cannot afford it. You ought to think of things that are actually useful to you and your needs because at the end of the day you don’t need to waste money. But these cool cheap gadgets may just be what you need at the end of the day.

1. An armband phone case

This is useful for people who like going for a run while listening to music or while walking. There are different types of armband phone cases but it also depends on the phone you’re using. All in all it is inexpensive and guess what? You can use it everyday any time.

2. A flash drive

Most people don’t have a flash drive thanks to clouds which can store large files but also needs internet. At the end of the day a flash drive can come in very handy especially because it has a lot of storage and is enough to hold movies, pictures and documents. Preferably you should use the modern flash disks that are faster while transferring data.

3. A surge protector

We kind of live on the edge when we leave our expensive gadgets like laptops and phone unprotected. When you plug your gadgets directly into a power outlet you risk it blowing up. There are different types depending on your budget there are some that have 12 outlets which should be fine for most people, and while it’s a little on the big side, it’s better to use it and be safe.

4. Rechargeable batteries

Still have non-rechargeable devices running around the house? The most cost-effective way to keep them running is to buy rechargeable batteries.

In many cases, the actual batteries and charging cradle are sold separately, but this set from Panasonic bundles them together. The batteries can be fully recharged overnight and hold a majority of their charge for 10 years. They’re also available in AAA size, which is the most common size of batteries for TV remotes.

5. A car-phone mount

We’ve seen this car phone mounts in Ubers and safe drivers. It is useful particularly when you’re using Google Maps while driving all you have to do is mount your phone on the dashboard. There are two types if you’re interested either the one you can clip onto your car’s air vents or those that adhere to your dashboard with a suction cup.

6. A multi-port USB wall charger

I find this gadget so cool because you then don’t have to fight over a port. Being able to charge everyone’s device at the same time is actually exciting. A multi-port hub is the best solution for your gadgets.

7. A portable battery

You know how a smartphone’s battery life can be so short, well how about having a portable battery? A portable battery has enough life to charge your iPhone or Android phone multiple times before needing to be recharged itself.

8. A Bluetooth keyboard

Bluetooth keyboards are literally one of the best gadgets anyone could ever own. They are light,compact, and easy to set up and have pretty solid battery life. Best thing about bluetooth keyboards is that they can work with any computer whether it’s desktop or laptop you can pair it. This would also be very useful if you need a keyboard for your tablet.