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eShopper lets you shop from your favourite retailers in Kenya

by James Musoba
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Kenyans can now shop from any of their favorite supermarkets and retailer stores courtesy of the new eShopper app. The eShopper app now available on play store for Android devices and also the apple store for iOS devices has made it possible to shop anytime at your own convenience and provides delivery at your preferred spot.

The app requires the shopper to register by creating an account on the app, pick items they need making an online shopping list, then choose their retailer where they normally make their purchases, pay for the goods via Mpesa mobile payment and the shopping will be delivered. Cash on delivery is also one of the accepted medium of making payments. With their dedicated team, they are working to provide a 24 hours customer care services.

TechMoran reached out to Mr. Douglas Okari the Managing Director and Tylor Ongwae the CEO of eShopper who were passionate to share the inspiration behind their app. “We all can a test that the traffic in our city is crazy. It is quite difficult to shop sometimes because of the amount of time we waste on the roads, so we are helping customers to cut the stress out of it as we can do the shopping for them” Okari said.

eShopper wants customers to spend time with family since all the shopping needs can now be met with the launching of the app. “We also want parents with kids in boarding schools around Nairobi not to worry about how they will find time to shop and deliver shopping to their children whenever they are out of commodities while in school,” Tylor Ongwae expounded further.

The app targets individual day to day shoppers, the ever busy office workers and parents. Most of them have the purchasing power as Kenya and Africa at large has seen rise of the middle class.


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