Instagram introduces stories highlights and archives that let you save your memories

Instagram Highlights and Stories


Instagram Highlights and Stories

Instagram has introduced two new tools that let users hold on to their favourite moments and share them in ways that help express yourself.

Stories highlights is the new part of the profile where you can express more of who you are through the stories you share. To help you build the highlights, your stories will now automatically save into a private stories archive so that you can easily access them whenever you want.


Instagram stories have become popular in the last one year but there has never been a way to keep the stories around for more than 24 hours. It is now possible to to fully access identity by grouping stories you have shared into highlights and featuring them on your profile.

To create a highlight, tap the “New” circle at the far left. From there, you can choose any stories from your archive, select a cover for your highlight and give it a name. Once you are done, your highlight will appear as a circle on your profile that plays as a stand alone story when someone taps it.

Highlights stay on your profile until you personally remove them and you can have as many highlights as you would like. To remove a highlight, just tap and hold that highlight on your profile.

Stories Archive

Your stories will automatically save to your archive when they expire making it easy for you to revisit your favourite moments late or even bring them back to life in a highlight whenever you want to.

To access the stories in the archive, tap the archive icon on your profile. From there, you can easily switch between posts archive and your new stories archive.

Tap on any story in your archive to watch it and you can as well add it to your story, share it as a post or add it to a highlight on your profile. You can also choose to turn off auto-archiving at any time in your profile settings.