Zoto finally closes doors in Nigeria


Bill payment and mobile recharge platform, Zoto has made its swan song. The company had plunged itself into a mysterious silence, even ignoring users desperate complaints online about their challenges transacting on the app. Their problems seemed to have commenced earlier in May of this year with many users losing their money after encountering various problems on Zoto.

Zoto customer care made no attempts to resolve these issues and the companies social media pages have been inactive since. In July, the company notified users that the app would be temporarily unavailable. The notice read, “App is temporarily not available. More updates coming to you soon”.

Zoto first launched in 2015 ​as a mobile​ ​airtime recharge app, expanding to serve an impressive user base north of 1 million users.

Twitter user Mmaduekwe Ugochukwu, expressed his surprising saying, “@oikazoboh, so I just figured out you are a co-founder of the startup @myzoto. So what is really happening with them at the moment? They just seem to disappear without a trace or prewarning. An answer would be appreciated. Thanks.” To which Zoto founder Oshono Ikazoboh replied, “Not all startups survive, unfortunately.”

All staff has since been let go and co-founder Oshone Emmanuel Ikazoboh has moved on to ‘pursue other interests.’