Travel Booking Platform Tiketi Launches across Kenya & South Africa


Tiketi, a travel platform operating across Africa is sizing down on Kenya and South Africa with new local travel platforms to take advantage of the upcoming end of year holidays across the continent.

The application provides in-depth knowledge of destinations, tours, activities and holiday packages to the users with an accurate estimation of tickets and detailed information about services required during holidays such as local transportation and booking, holiday packages and attractions tickets’.

Tiketi has adapted the application as per local language to offer more easy comprehension of the content. The entire process is designed to give a boost to the African tourism sector locally and internationally. The app also calculates and provides tour estimation in local currency to ensure its consumers with the ease of use. Tiketi offers round the clock customer services.

The application offers personalised travel services and regularly updated content through using online or via phone. With, all travelling needs across Kenya and South Africa can be accessed using a single app.F