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RentSmallSmall is making rent payments more flexible for Lagosians

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Share this allows you pay your rent monthly for as low as N50,000 a month in Lagos. [Make sure to use the code
RSSoCSzuA76hE” on the platform]

  • The startup is solving a very important problem in the country.
  • Their solutions is suited to fit the cashflow of an average Nigerian.
  • RentSmallSmall’s model has proven to work numerous times.

Respite has come the way of Lagos residents who undergo untold pains in securing apartments in the commercial city. A property management firm, called, has been established to address the complexities and intricacies associated with easily finding a suitable, affordable, choice apartment within preferred locations.

With the use of technology, aims to solve house rent challenges being faced by Nigerians by making the process easy, convenient and affordable with apartments as low as N50,000 per month.

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While disclosing this in Lagos, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder of, Tunde Balogun, noted that the platform is a clear departure from the current practice where landlords would demand for a year and in some cases two-year rent.

Tunde Balogun, CEO & Co-Founder,

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“It is no news that the norm in Lagos State as well as most states in Nigeria is the yearly payment of rent. A huge fraction of inhabitants and tenants largely complain about the impracticality of this scheme over the years. We realized that tenants in Nigeria are unable to access affordable houses with flexible payment just as it is done in developed countries. Hence, offers a unique plan that proves to be a win-win not just to tenants, but even to homeowners as well.

‘’It is important to state that we are not the first with a flexible payment plan but our model is definitely different as we ensure that all our tenants are insured by our partner AXA Mansard Insurance Plc. We want people to be able to pay their rent effectively and decide how they chose to stay; monthly, quarterly or yearly. Whatever is convenient for you; that’s what we are trying to make happen. People should be able to find suitable apartments with less bureaucracy and move in within 48 hours

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According to Balogun, the package would afford home owners the opportunity to get steady, reliable income throughout the year.

“Landlords who are our partners stand to gain a number of seamless advantages over others that insist on collecting one year upfront. Property owners on are on steady income throughout the year. Our company model and platform give high visibility to property in the market, thereby reducing vacancy period and undue wastage of finished properties. Landlord also get screened and verified tenants who are covered by insurance. This is the first of its kind in Nigeria and we are disrupting the market with our model’’

On getting properties for lease, he said, “we can’t go with all the traditional agents, though we intend working with a few credible ones soon. Right now, we are working with selected agents, who are big time player like Estate Link, Nedcomoaks and Rydal News Ltd. We are also partnering with Furnisure Nigeria to provide ‘’Rent to own’’ appliances and furniture’s for our tenants. With this package, tenants can get any furniture/appliances of their choice and pay flexibly.  

The graduate of Business Administration from Stanford University, said, “When I moved back to Nigeria in 2015, I was told to pay for one year in advance, and agent and agreement fees separate. Knowing that these are not the norms in any sane system, l was resolved more strongly to do something about it as fast as possible.

‘’Few years down the line, I met with my partners and we wanted to solve the problem and change the market; that’s how we came up with and launched fully in October 2018. Our business model works in a way that landlord gives us the base rent of the property on annual basis and then we mark it up by a certain little percentage and with that mark up, we break it down into monthly payment.”

“By the model above, the landlord gets 92% of the rent while we take 8 percent. This is an advantage to tenants because from the 8%, we pay insurance which protect the tenure of the contract. This is to ensure the tenant is protected for certain months against default. A default could come as a result of job loss, critical illness or accident and the landlord benefits here’’.

The RentSmallSmall Team

On how it works, Balogun stressed on the ease of getting an apartment on the platform.

‘’For rent seekers, when they come on our platform, they are exposed to varieties of properties and the amount range. Once you find the property you want, you then have the option of choosing either monthly, quarterly or biannually. Before we accept a tenant, we take him or her through a verification process. We will find out what he or she earns and how consistent it is, proof of identification, and we do our documentation.”

“The landlord then gets a comprehensive report on our investigation which helps to give him an informed decision about the tenant. This is done to ensure that whoever is renting a property from us is eligible as the rent default rate in Nigeria is alarming.’’.

He added that the workability and efficiency of the initiative is quite impressive as well as totally sustainable and it’s not hard to imagine that in the coming months, this design will be adopted by many other states across the federation, as well as other African countries that do not operate this scheme.

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