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New ‘Uber for trucks’ startup launches in Kenya to take on Sendy, Lori, Senga & Bwala

A new ‘Uber for trucks’ startup has launched in Kenya to take on Sendy, Lori Systems, Senga, and Bwalae in a move to solve the last mile delivery problems in the country.

Amitruck, a mobile app connecting pick-ups, truckers and shippers aims to be a catalyst in transforming the transportation of goods in the country as well as important in streamlining working relationships between truck owners and their drivers.

However, as a peer-to-peer logistics business, Amitruck will struggle to gain any market share because the logistics industry needs more than just linking a truck owner, insurance and a customer. On-demand peer to peer logistics services were pioneered in the country by Sendy but uptake was low because apart from supply and demand, there was need for centralisation which brings sanity and safety to the industry. If Amitruck survives its first year in business, then the team will have all it takes to serve clients across the country. A pivot to a centralised B2B platform might help the company grow faster than its current C2C model.

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The app’s name originates from the French word ‘ami’ meaning friend, Amitriuck uses mobile and cloud technology to provide a friendly, efficient and affordable way to the customer to deliver goods of all sizes across Kenya and neighbouring markets by accessing their fleet/network of trucks in the mobile app.

According to its founder, Amitruck Founder & CEO Mr Mark Mwangi, “As we embrace the 4th Industrial revolution, the mobile phone has played a significant role in shaping African technology. Due to its accessibility and high penetration rates in Africa, it gives start-ups an appropriate tool to create and deliver locally relevant solutions”, he said.

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Amitruck app allows a customer to book a delivery using the mobile app. The trucks in the area get notified and their quotes are sent to the customer through the app. The customer chooses a quote, date and time for the delivery to be made. Payment is made but only released to the driver upon confirmation of delivery

For the cargo owners, Amitruck links them to transporters at competitive rates while for the truck owners and drivers, they have access to more business outside of their networks and have full control of their trucks and what jobs to engage in. The app also offers tracking of both goods and trucks in real time.

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Milcah Lukhanyu
Milcah Lukhanyu
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