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Want To Save Up To 40% on Your Postage Costs? Lose The Stamps and Switch To Franking Machines

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If you’re reading this post, you’re most probably sending out letters or packages in bulk and waiting in those long queues at the post office are dreadful.

Saving money and time are two important factors all businesses strive to achieve, but doing so calls for participation from all departments, from business administration to production and operations.

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A simple way of saving both money and time is to reconsider your postage system. If you’re still using stamps, it may be time to review your methods and consider getting a postage meter.

So, What Exactly is A Franking Machine, Anyway?

A franking machine, commonly dubbed as a ‘Postage Meter‘ lets you pre-pay for your postage expenses with a direct link to Royal Mail.  It downloads and securely stores postage fund and guides you in selecting special services and mail classes.

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A Franking Machine can display the cost, weigh, and even seal envelopes to safeguard the contents. The machine will print the postage onto adhesive tapes, postcards or envelopes. This procedure is referred to as ‘franking.’

This saves your business a considerable amount of money, effort, and time as you will be able to manage postage and mail tariffs from your office or home, and prevent waiting time at the post office.

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Once the franking process is complete, the machine will then stack the franked mail pieces. You can even monitor mailing activity information for business analysis and reporting.  

Advantages of A Franking Machine

ü  Saves Time

There’re times when you’ve to wait in line at the post office to get postage stamps. However, with a franking machine, you can buy postage online.

ü  Enhances Business’s Professional Image

You can add your business’s promotional text and logo for branding and advertising and even customize the franking marks.

ü  Prevents Under Stamping and Over Stamping

Franking machines help you avoid this as it comes with an integrated weighing scale with which you get the exact weight and correct postage. So, you neither under stamp it nor over stamp it.

ü  Guarantees Timely Delivery of Mails

Franking machines are high-speed and can frank a batch of mails per minute. This translates to timely delivery of mails by your dispatch department.

ü  Most Inexpensive Way To Manage Bulk Mails

Franking is around 30 percent cheaper when compared to stamping as every time you know the right postage amount.

Franking Machine Rental: Find Your Ideal Solution Today

Most businesses postpone getting a franking machine, as it can be a large upfront cost. However, with affordable franking rental deals, there is really no reason to postpone. Read on to find out more:

How Much Can You Save With A Franking Machine?

So, you’ve heard that a postage meter can save you a considerable amount of money. But just how much are we talking about?  Well, a franking machine can help you save 10 to 19 pounds per letter.

Interesting enough, a franking machine can benefit your business even if it sends out small volumes of post and even much more for larger volumes resulting in significant reductions in postage costs.

Why Rent a Franking Machine?

Franking machines are great money and time-saving tool. Consequently, renting one can often be a better option than purchasing outright. Buying a machine upfront can be a huge expense, especially for startups.

Here are other reasons why a business may prefer to rent a franking machine instead of buy:

1.      Maintenance and Servicing

Suppliers will generally provide maintenance and servicing during the rental period. On the flip side, buying a franking machine outright means that you’ll have to pay for the services when you need them, meaning additional costs.

2.      Buying/Rental Cost

Purchasing a franking machine will cost you several thousand to several hundred pounds.  Renting a franking machine, however, will cost anywhere between £15 and £500 monthly, which is affordable for most businesses.

Is Renting The Way To Go?

Well, your best bet would be to get quotes from some of the Royal Mail authorized franking machine suppliers and find out what they are offering in terms of buying vs. rental contracts.

Leading Franking Machine Rental Suppliers

The following is a list of the three top suppliers for franking machine rentals in the UK. Read on for a summary:

1.      FP

FP Mailing is a trustworthy company with a reputation for excellent customer service. But don’t just take our word for it! Check out their high Trustpilot reviews. They provide a real variety of high-quality products to suit all businesses.

2.      Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes is a trustworthy and reliable company in the world of faxing and printing, and its product portfolio reflects this. They really do have a franking machine for everybody, whether you need to frank 5,000 letters daily or just 20.

3.      Neopost

Neopost has a reputation for providing cutting-edge software and reliable machinery to businesses worldwide. They have a high Trustpilot rating; with clients praising their helpful and quick customer services crews.


Whether you run a large, medium, or a small business using a franking machine will help save the amount of time you spend getting your mail ready for posting. It’ll also help you save much more in the long haul, as you’ll be entitled to the discounts offered.

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