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VideoProc: Edit and Convert GoPro 4K / Large Videos Effectively

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There is no doubt about the fact that 4K videos, shot on GoPro are one of the most attractive, vibrant and eye-grabbing footages.

GoPro has grabbed the market when it comes to documenting various cinematic footages or life-like experiences and we have reasons in abundance to accept it. 

However, when it comes to processing those 4K videos, users may have a great deal of trouble. Here we will discuss the issues usually faced by users while using common 4K video editors, and their solutions. For GoPro users, GoPro studio was the free & easy solution to edit their videos from devices. However, it had been discontinued by GoPro official in 2017.

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In this article, I will introduce you VideoProc which is as easy as GoPro studio and comes with more features to meet GoPro video editing demands.


What are the difficulties that a user may face, when it comes to editing GoPro 4K videos?

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There is a lot of pain one has to take, sometimes, in order to edit 4K videos. There are multiple pain points that just cannot be overlooked when you have to edit large files. The following are some of the most annoying and hard-to-deal-with issues that GoPro users have to face.

  1. Support: When it comes to editing software, there are several of them available in the market. Even though they claim to be compatible with large 4K files and promise to be skilled with editing those files, upon installation, they rarely prove to be of any use. Most of the time, the software fails to support the 4K files at all.
  2. Compatibility: The sole aim of the editing software is to get the file ready, as per the need of GoPro user and export them to the respective devices. However, most editing apps fail to contain large files and end up freezing or lagging at the time of editing or exporting.
  3. Functionality: these 4K video editors often lack the functionalities that are required to effectively edit large video files. The purpose for which they are implemented in the first place, are rarely solved and the users remain unsatisfied.

How is VideoProc different from other 4K editors? Why should you choose VideoProc for editing, processing and exporting?

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VideoProc, unlike the usual editors as discussed above, supports all types of 4K videos in HEVC, H.264, MKV, etc. Not only this, it does not make fake promises and back-out at the time of performance. In terms of support, compatibility, and functionality, VideoProc provides its users with effective results. It also uses level-3 hardware acceleration and various other features and functionalities which makes it completely unique editing software. The following are the benefits that tag along with VideoProc:

  1. Full GPU acceleration: As already mentioned, VideoProc Utilizes the Level-3 hardware acceleration for its processing functionalities. It allows the program to use your GPU to its full power and capacity which thereby lets you edit 4K videos without any lagging or freezing. VideoProc effectively profiles the GPU, installed in your computer and do the needful to make it compatible with hardware-based video decoding and encoding.
  2. Skilled in processing large files: VideoProc comes with various attractive functionalities when it comes to editing large video files. You can cut or crop, split or merge videos, without having to worry about their size. It also effectively stabilizes and de-noises the videos. You can thereafter convert the videos, shot on GoPro , to your preferred format. 
  3. Easy-to-use but advances video editing functionalities: Edit 4K videos with the advanced features that come with VideoProc. Even though you get to use powerful and versatile editing options, the interface of VideoProc is minimalist as well as clean. Therefore you get a comfortable user experience that is absolutely friendly with beginners.
  4. Powerful video and audio conversion capabilities: one of the most pains-taking parts, when it comes to editing large video files, is its conversion. You may need to convert the original file into another format. However, most 4K editors fail to do the same due to its large size and limited formats. With VedioProc and its powerful conversion capabilities, this never becomes an issue.   

In order to know more about VideoProc and get a free tutorial about its features and how you can put them to use, refer to the following video guide:

Thus, when it comes to editing large files, you can count on VideoProc with full confidence. With all the functionality it provides, along with a simple and user-friendly interface, it becomes the best choice for professionals, as well as beginners, in terms of a 4K video editor. It is your one-stop solution for processing, editing, merging, splitting and converting large video files, specially shot on GoPro. VideoProc has both Windows and Mac versions. For users, who want to get GoPro Studio for Mac replacement, VideoProc will also be a good choice. 

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