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Essential Qualities of a Video Compressor

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Usually, a video stream contains a huge amount of data which requires subsequent storage space and larger bandwidth. As a result of it, to reduce its storage or transmitting capacity during transmissions, the digital videos are compressed. As they are compressed to small size, they can be transmitted fastly and reaches the destination. To make this process successfully completed we need the help of video compressor

What Is A Video Compressor?

  • Generally, video compression is defined as the process of encoding a video file in a way in which the appropriate video consumes less space than the original file and can easily transmit over the internet. The software which does the work of video compression is called a video compress MP4. It examines the pixels in each video and compresses them by the way of bunching the same pixels together in large blocks. In an uncompressed video, it contains more information in every pixel. But in compressed video, it contains less information in every pixel because of the similarity of the pixels.
  • There are two types of video compression:
  • Lossy compression
  • Losseless compression

How to Compress a Video?

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  • A video can be compressed using the following steps.
  • Choose a specific browser to compress the video that we want to compress. After opening the browser, click “convert my video “and select the video that we want to compress.
  • Set the output settings that we need for the video. If we want to optimize a file select the option of “optimize” and if we want to customize select the option of “ customize
  • After performing the above-mentioned steps, make the edits that we want to add in the specific video. Editing option is optional for the video to be compressed.
  • Click the “start” button in the window to start the compression process. The appropriate process may take some time depends upon the length, size, and settings of the corresponding video.
  • After the completion of the compression process, save or upload the file. 
  • Thus the video compression process is over.

Famous Video Compressors:

Here are some famous video compressors:

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  • Online UniConverter:

It is an online video compression tool which helps us to reduce the size of the video in a moment.  This is used freely over the internet and is available to us all the time. To use this tool, download, and installation is not necessary as it can be worked in online. It is easy to use and fastly performs the process.

  • VideoSmaller:

It is a compressor tool that is used in online that helps us in reduction of the file sizes. This software is available in nine different languages and can be used at any time. To use this software, installation and download process is not necessary.

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  • Cloud Convert:

It is one of the famous online video compressor tools. It can compress different files at the same time without any struck over the internet.

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