Uber App Introduces Safety Feature to Let You Report a Problem While on Trip


Uber has added a safety feature on the Uber app to let you report a problem from the car when the trip is in progress. The feature is currently available in the US and Canada.

This is the second feature after the company in 2018 added a 911 button. Where you could alert the cops from an insecurity incident while using Uber. Uber notes that not all the cases need the attention of the cops. The new button will let riders report to the company for quick attention.

“The feature will give riders the opportunity to report inappropriate behaviour during a trip. When it’s on the top of their mind, rather than at the end of the trip” according to Uber.

Uber is Keen to reassure riders that it’s looking out for them. On the app, there is a button that lets you quickly contact 911 when you feel a sense of danger in the car.

However, the new feature is specifically for non-emergency situations. Uber believes the new option will increase the likelihood of a rider reporting an issue, as some are too busy to do so once they exit the car.

From the apps safety tool kit, you will now see the option to report the safety incident which you can access by tapping on the blue shield icon.

To report an incident when a ride is in progress, select the option and tap out the reason for getting in touch. Uber’s safety team will contact you regarding the issue after the trip.

Noting form a 2018 Uber safety report, Uber’s head of women’s safety and gender-based violence programs. She said “Feedback has been a part of the Uber experience since the beginning. However, our research shows that riders may not consistently report experiences that make them feel uncomfortable. After the trip, most rides get distracted.”

From the report. There were more than 3,045 sexual assaults that are alleged to have taken place during trips made in the US. The assaults occurred among 1.3 billion rides that were taken in 2018.

By offering an additional reporting channel, Uber aims to encourage riders to share feedback when appropriate. Enabling the company to identify important issues that it can work on resolving.