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Features of a Motherboard that Makes it Best in the Market

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Do you know what motherboard is? Well, it is important for gamers and other users of computers to get familiar with the motherboard. Because the motherboard is the main body of the computer and it has many features as well.

It is considered to be the biggest body inside the chassis and the Best Motherboard comes with the best components. This printed body inside the case basically allows the easy process of communication between other components of the computer. The components that are attached to the motherboards are CMOS backup battery, AGP Slot, Southbridge, PCI, BIOS chip, and many more slots and connectors. All of these components play their assigned role for the better performance of the system. 

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This process is completed by providing the power to all the components of the computer and this power then helps in communication. There are different types of connectors such as hard drive connector, floppy drive connector, peripheral connectors, and even more. All of these connectors allow the motherboard to boost its performance.These modern motherboards we see today have come to this stage through a long history. 

The first motherboard has only a few components installed such as a few card slots and a processor. An example of such an old motherboard is IBM PC. This is a sensitive part. 

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This is the most sensitive part as other components also have a connection from this printed body called the motherboard. Most of them have failed due to the heat, imagine a close room with a heater inside. The motherboard is in the same condition and it is present inside a chassis. 

Therefore, you need to be very careful with the cooling process of the motherboard. Otherwise, you may feel some problems. There are some important features of the motherboard that are discussed in detail.  

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Features of a Motherboard

Being the most important part of the computer the motherboard has been loaded with many significant elements. These elements perform different functions for the system. 

The features of the motherboard have their significance. From BIOS chips to various connectors and from multiple slots to FBS speed all have a great role that they perform and with this motherboard’s reliability and working gets better.   

Chipset or CPU Socket

The processor from different brands requires a special socket; this socket basically accommodates the chosen type of installed CPU. LGA 1150 sockets are one of the more popular types that you’ll encounter. Keep this in mind that the motherboard of Intel does not support other processors. 

Other than this the chipset is also an important element. As they help the computer to work fast. The important thing about Chipset that needs to be noticed is how much accessible memory it has. 


Connectors also play an important role in the motherboard. These are attached to the motherboard and there are both internal as well as external connectors. 

There are different types of connectors such as hard drive connector, floppy drive connector, peripheral connectors, and even more. All of these connectors allow the motherboard to boost its performance.  

Form Factor

The form factor is a key factor that gives you more room for connecting more connectors, slots, and more components. If you desire to make a small system you will need a small form-factor for this such as a 6.7-inch Square mini ITX or 9.6-inch Micro ATX. These factors are a vital factor to boost the capabilities of the motherboard. This feature of the motherboard not only assists the motherboard rather your system will be back to life.  


Slots are more than important to the motherboard as they provide space for a few important components to increase their capacity. There are three types of these significant slots. 

First, Memory slots where you are able to plus the RAM. Second, is the PCI Express slot that is for graphic cards. Last, the PCI slots that are made for expansion slots. Now the more the slots are more you have the chance to increase the function of the system. 


BIOS or UEFI BIOS is also an important part that works during the booting process of the computer. It manages the computer outside of the operating environment that is before the bootup process. 

BIOS exists on the motherboard in a very small chip. BIOS is an old form but in modern times it is known as UEFI BIOS. It governs the integrated components and also manages and controls the boot device order. 

AT and LPX

These are the important form factors that were used in IBM PC AT in 1984. At and LPC are old and they are not as much demanded as they were in old times. But you shall become familiar with their features as well. 

If one of your motherboards gets failed and there seems no option other than to lose the data and all significant information. But the doors do not close here. AT and LPX can replace the failed motherboard and you have a chance to recover everything.  

FSB Speed

Few motherboards are these days known as asynchronous motherboards. They are very significant and they allow many features to be performed by the motherboard. They have the power to boost the FSB speed and PCI bus speed.

This working is done by a very simple process that these motherboards Faster the FSB speeds while limiting the PCI bus at 33 MHz. FSB speed is another important feature of the motherboard that can be achieved this way. 

Memory Bus Speed

Memory Bus Speed is sometimes referred to as the speed of the front-side bus. The important thing is that this connects the Central Processing Unit to northbridge. It helps in better performance of the computer.

The FSB can range from 66 MHz to 800 MHz which is not possible without the memory bus. This feature of the motherboard helps the users to feel a good working of their system.

CPU Multiplier

The modern chipsets are supporting a CPU multiplier from 3 x to 10.0 x or even more. This CPU multiplier has many more features that a system can get from this part of the motherboard. 

This helps the motherboard in computing where it sets the ratio of an internal CPU clock rate to the external one. This helps in the rise of the performance of the motherboard. 

CPU SMP Support

All the Intel CPUs have the capability to support the SMP except Duron and AMD Athlon. Symmetric Multi-Processing is basically connected to a similar two motherboards which is one of the great functions

This allows the motherboard to have more memory, more speed and doubles everything. CPU SMP Support is one of the best features of the motherboard that can assist in increasing the performance of the motherboard by two times. 


Motherboards are very important rather than the main part of the computer. Without which the life of the computer is not possible. It has the duty to ensure communication between all parts of the computer. In short, to enjoy all the features of the motherboard you need to be very careful about it.  

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