Something You Don’t Know About YouTube for Years


Headquartered in America, YouTube is one of the most popular online video sharing platforms and has attracted millions of users and subscribers of its videos. YouTube has the ability to provide you with videos from all aspects, even those you have never imagined. There are various topics and types of videos on YouTube, including movies and shows, gaming videos, live videos uploaded by different celebrities, and educational programs, etc. Indeed, it is a good platform where you can share information with your family and friends.

With YouTube, you can accomplish many interesting things. For example, while you see a video that you appreciate, you can give a like or share a comment about what inspiration or help the video gives to you. You can collect a playlist and subscribe to a channel or a user if you think the channel or user is creative. According to Statista, YouTube already owned 2 billion users around the globe. So, let’s play a game to see whether you fully know YouTube by starting from out following list.


No 1. Easily Make GIF out of YouTube Videos

No 2. Save YouTube Videos to Your Desktop

No 3. Share YouTube At Specific Timing

No 4. Stream Unavailable Videos Easily

No 5. Share Private Videos With Friends

No 6. Make Money with YouTube Partner Program

No 7. Download YouTube Closed Caption

No 1. Easily Make GIF out of YouTube Videos

The first thing of YouTube that we would like to mention is that you could easily make GIF out of YouTube videos. Do you know that? GIFs are usually used for small animations and low-resolution video clips which you can share new fun with your surrounding people on social media. You can cut one YouTube video into different pieces and create effects as you like by yourself.

It is not difficult as you imagine to create GIFs for YouTube videos. First, please open the YouTube video that you aim to make GIF and change its URL by typing “gif before “youtube” in the URL. Then, you will be brought to where you will see the YouTube video has been ready for being made as GIF. On, you will be introduced to a list of features on the left menu. Edit the video by trying different features. Last, please click on Create GIF at the top right corner if you think you finish editing.

NOTE: only allows you to download the created GIF after you have signed up.

No 2. Save YouTube Videos to Your Desktop

Are you surprised for what we shared above? Are you ready for the second thing that you don’t know about YouTube? That is, you can save YouTube videos to your desktop with the help of VideoHunter, a professional and reliable video downloader. By this mean, you can enjoy YouTube videos offline without worrying the video will get stuck or keep buffering all the time!

VideoHunter’s main features include:

  • Download online videos that are uploaded on over 1,000 sites including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, Bilibili, Niconico, Dailymotion, etc.;
  • Convert downloaded videos to more than 20 popular formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.;
  • Work to download multiple videos at one time;
  • Own 6X fast download speed.

You may follow these steps to operate it fluently:

STEP 1. Please open VideoHunter official website and install the appropriate version for your desktop, Windows or Mac.

STEP 2. Please go to YouTube and copy the URL of the video that you would like to download.

STEP 3. Open VideoHunter on your desktop and paste the URL to the downloading bar in its Downloader.

STEP 4. Click on Analyze right beside the downloading bar.

STEP 5. After VideoHunter analyzes your URL, please choose one output format and quality. Click on Download again. Subsequently, you will see the downloaded YouTube video on your desktop.

No 3. Share YouTube At Specific Timing

Are you aware of that YouTube allows users to set the beginning time while sharing a video? Let’s follow the steps to share YouTube videos at specific timing while considering to show an interesting point to your friends accurately!

STEP 1. Please navigate to YouTube on your browser and open the YouTube video that you want to share.

STEP 2. Click on the SHARE button and you will see a pop-up window.

STEP 3. Please click on the square box beside Start at on the bottom.

STEP 4. Now, you can change the start time of the video by changing the number underlined.

STEP 5. Then the URL will be changed according to the timing you have set. By sharing this URL to your friends, the video will start playing at the moment you set while they open it.

No 4. Stream Unavailable Videos Easily

Are you troubled by not seeing videos that are not available in your location? Now, you can! One simple trick is to change your location under your profile. Please open YouTube on your browser and log in to YouTube with your account. Then click on Profile Photo >> Location >> Choose the location where the video that you would like to stream is available. For example, if you are in America, but the video is only available in Canada, you can stream the video by just changing your location to Canada.

No 5. Share Private Videos With Friends

As we know, YouTube protects our privacy and provides the option of private video while we share a video. However, in that it is private, how to share it to our friends through the YouTube platform?

STEP 1. Please open YouTube and click on your profile.

STEP 2. Please go to Your Channel >> Upload Video >> Select Files. Please select the local video file that you would like to upload and share.

STEP 3. Edit the title and add description for your video. Then, set the types of audience and age restriction. Subsequently, add cards please if you have any.

STEP 4. Please choose Private under Visibility section, which is located under Unlisted option. Then, you can share your private video through link to people you want to share.

No 6. Make Money with YouTube Partner Program

If you have known all above, I am sure only a few of you know about this wonderful function of YouTube. YouTube gives an opportunity to its users to earn profits with their contents through YouTube Partner Program. Before rewarding any creators, YouTube will check your channel to see whether you are meeting policies and guidelines, which ensures equality and content quality.

There are five ways to earn your rewards through YouTube Partner Program: advertising revenue, channel memberships, merchandise shelf, super chat & super stickers, and YouTube premium revenue. They have age restriction of 18 years old or older and restrictions of number of subscribers, location, content of the video.

No 7. Download YouTube Closed Caption

While downloading YouTube videos, I am sure that you will be bothered if you can’t download the caption as well. But we put forward to a solution for you, VidPaw Subtitle Downloader, allowing you to download the video’s independent subtitle file in SRT format.

To use Subtitle Downloader, you don’t need to install any software. You can save space because you can use it directly online. Furthermore, VidPaw Subtitle Downloader allows you to download the subtitles in different languages. Check the following steps for use.

STEP 1. Please go to YouTube and copy the YouTube video’s link.

STEP 2. Paste the video link to the downloading bar of Subtitle Downloader.

STEP 3. Click on Download.

STEP 4. After you see the downloading option, please click on Download again to save the caption.

Out of seven, how many things of YouTube do you know? With these seven things, you can use YouTube with more fun, including creating GIF, downloading YouTube videos and subtitles, and sharing videos without exposing to too many people. Even, you can no longer just paying to YouTube. You can earn from YouTube. Act now! Try using every feature of YouTube and get your fund!