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5 Features Making AnyUnlock The Best Tool To Unlock Your iOS Devices

iOS users often forget the passcode to their iPhone or iTunes account which really limits the access they have over their device. This is where they had to get professional help that can cost them hundreds of dollars.

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After going through tons of options that are available online that can help you unlock your iOS device with any professional help or technical knowledge, we are here with AnyUnlock one of the most powerful, efficient yet easy to use tool that you can use to unlock your iOS devices without any technical knowledge all by yourself. 

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AnyUnlock is a complete package if you are looking for a software that is capable of unlocking Apple ID, the passcode to your lock screen, screen time passcode, or iTunes account in a hassle-free 3 step process. In a lightning-fast process, you get to save a lot of money and time as you gain complete access to your device with the help of the reliable technology that is offered by AnyUnlock. Along with that you also get 24/7 customer support with AnyUnlock to help you with any issue that you face while using this software. 

Here are the 6 unique and powerful features that you get AnyUnlock as you subscribe to the services provided by AnyUnlock:

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  1. Unlock Apple ID

One of the common problems that iOS users face as they get used devices or forgets the password to their Apple ID is the inability to download any application on the device and to reset the device. Moreover, without any the password to your Apple ID, you can not even listen to Apple Music. 

AnyUnlock is there to help you with this problem as you can remove the Apple ID from your device without entering the password. Thereafter, you can enter your Apple ID and gain complete access to your device. 

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  1. Unlock Locked Screen Passcode

Additionally, if you forgot your lock screen passcode or screen time passcode, your iOS device is disabled after multiple failed attempts, or the Face ID or Touch ID is not working on your phone AnyUnlock is there to help you. You can easily get complete access to your device with AnyUnlock as it unlocks your phone right away. 

  1. Bypass Restrictions Passcode

If you are trying to reset your device you will need to remove the screen time passcode or the restrictions passcode. AnyUnlock helps you in removing that passcode or you can also recover the restrictions code in case you want to create a backup of all the data that is there on your device. Making it a perfect choice for you. 

  1. Remove iTunes Backup Password

In order to create a backup of your data or if you are trying to restore your data, then you need access to your iTunes account and in case you forget your passcode then you can potentially lose all of your valuable data. AnyUnlock is an effective solution to this problem as you easily remove the encryption settings in your iTunes account and access your backup files without any damage. 

  1. The Ultimate Passcode Manager

Lastly, if you are facing any difficulty in remembering all of your passwords then, AnyUnlock also offers you a solution to it as well. With the password manager that you get with AnyUnlock, you can easily save all of your passwords in one location in a secure way. If you are worried about the security of your sensitive information then there is no need to worry as the passcode manager that you get works offline ensuring the safety of your data from different cyber threats. 


We are going to take a look at the 2 simple steps that you need to follow in order to Unlock the Apple ID on your device. For the complete user guide, you can click here. 

  1. You start by launching the software on your PC and choose the “Unlock Apple ID” function that is there on the left side of your screen. Thereafter you can connect your iOS device with your PC via USB cable and start with the unlock process. 
  1. As you click on the “Unlock” button on the screen, the software will analyze your device and will start with the Apple ID removal process. You will be notified as soon as the Apple ID is removed, thereby giving you complete access to your device. 

Final Verdict

After using this amazing software, I can safely recommend this to any iOS user. With exceptional utility and powerful functioning, AnyUnlock is an amazing software that is perfect for personal use. Also, it is prohibited to use this software commercially or for illegal purposes. 

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Karani Nyamu
Karani Nyamu
Group CEO Verve, one of the leading Software and Systems integrators in East Africa.

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