This Fake News Spreading About Schools Reopening Is What You Need To Read Today

school opening

There have been numerous versions of what Cabinet Secretary Magoha has said about schools reopening.

If you’re on WhatsApp groups or you’re a twitter fan we’re quite sure you’ve interacted with fake news recently which then leaves parents wondering whether their children are reopening school or not. What we do know is that Magoha issued directives and declared that class 4, class 8 and form 4 students were to report to school on 12th of October 2020.

In the tweet above this man who goes by the name AllyBHustler claims that activist Omtata has a case that must be heard before the reopening of schools which is a plain lie. You can easily spot fake news if it has not been reported officially by any news site.

So far, official news sites such as Citizen have stated that the government will release funds to public schools so that they are able to buy masks for needy students and pupils. The schools will be partially opened as other parents await directives to see if students can go back to school fully.