Clients Who Call For Uber Rides Will Have To Verify That They Are Wearing Masks

Tips for Staying Safe While Riding an Uber

Clients who call for Uber rides will have to verify that they are wearing masks.

When corona started everyone took it seriously then as the measures were relaxed most people also dropped their masks down. Some people opted to stop using matatus and decided to use taxi’s instead as an attempt to remain safe. However, as soon as you leave your house you’re not entirely safe this means that even when you enter an Uber you’re not assured to be corona free.

Keeping drivers safe.

Uber has taken the extra step to make sure that their drivers are safe by using mask verification. This basically means that when a client orders a cab they will have to take a selfie before to verify that they are wearing a mask. If you cannot confirm that you’re wearing a mask if the driver suspects you’re not wearing one the driver will have every right to cancel the ride. Clients also have the right to ask drivers or riders to send a selfie of them wearing a mask.

This current feature is meant to be rolled out in the US and Canada but is also expected to start in Kenya as well.

Certain concerns from this new feature.

Most people by now walk around with a mask even in their bags or cars but the issue is keeping the mask on. You may take a very nice selfie and send it out to the driver or vice versa but how do you ensure that the client or driver will actually wear it through out ? As much as this feature is thoughtful it will definitely still be up to the client and driver to really be responsible for themselves.