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Features to check in a mobile phone before purchasing

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Your mobile phone will be your best friend for the next few years/months. So before picking up your assistant, you should check all its features. This article would help you mark down all the features that you should check on a mobile phone. 

There is a long list of things that need to be checked, from the mobile headphones to the RAM. It will not be wise to skip any of them even if you are buying second-hand phones

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The display

The display of your mobile phone says a lot about it. No one wants to watch an HD video on a 720p resolution mobile phone. The recommended resolution and display for a mobile phone in 2020 is 1080p minimum, so that you should get a clear exposure.

The screen size

Small screens are very out of fashion now, and you would not like to scroll your mobile phone to reach up to the applications. A bigger screen means a better view and understanding of the content. The best screen size is 6 inches, but a mobile phone with 5.8″ can also work. 

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The battery capacity

What use of a mobile phone when it cannot stay with you for more than 12 hours? What about long traveling hours? The best battery is that it can be charged faster and can last for longer. The average best battery time for a mobile phone is a minimum of 8 hours or more.

While purchasing, you should check if the battery has modes. Sometimes, you do not need to use your mobile phone, and you can save the battery. You must turn on the demo mobile phone and check the battery modes for better performance.

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If you do not like slow mobile phones, get a greater RAM. The average desired RAM for a mobile phone in 2020 is 4GB. Some mobile phones are also available with 2GB RAM. That can also work fine but is not useful for those who need to work on their mobile phones with different applications at a time.


The memory and storage of a mobile phone matter a lot. The higher the memory space, the better your mobile phone will be. For the year 2020, when you have a long list of applications to use on your mobile phone.  A mobile phone with 64Gb memory is the best.

The cameras

Both the front and back cameras are essential. You cannot compromise on any of these. You should buy a mobile phone with a 16 Megapixel front camera, and a 32 Megapixel rare camera. Along with the camera, you must also check the picture quality: the colors and the shades.

The accessories

For a mobile phone, you need headphones and a charger. Before buying, check if both these are up to the standard. The hands-free should be functional, and its cord needs to be longer. Second, the charger should charge fast. Otherwise, your mobile will be hanged with the charger all day long. The average charge time is 1 percent in one minute.

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