How to Make Stunning Video Collages in Easy Steps


While making videos and presentations, you must have wondered how to utilize your numerous images in your videos to make the videos more appealing. Slideshows get boring with many pictures, so we suggest the best solution is to use all your photos in the form of collage in small video clips. 

This is the best method to make videos more entertaining and presentable. So how can you make a video collage on a computer? You need some applications and software that will guide you and offer nice templates in converting all your images into a collage. One of the best functions you need is the image to video features, which will help you turn your pictures into collage efficiently. Learn this here now.

Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to make a video collage on a computer.

Step-1—Adding images to the collage

Your collage must tell a story or convey a message. Let’s say you have 50-100 photos, and you want them all in the video, but it would look clumsy and overcrowded. You must start by selecting the best photos. There are certain factors that you must consider while selecting your photos. For example, if you want to make a storyboard, you have to take more than 200-300 photos, and using collage, you can easily utilize all your photos.

You must make sure you follow the same color scheme throughout the collage to maintain consistency. We recommend using bright and vivid color tones as using dull colors might ruin the impression of the overall look.

A video collage that has photos or images that collectively give one message looks best. You need to think about a particular pattern even before you start putting your video collage together; you must think about using a pattern that connects all the images.

Step-2 – Picking the right style.

If you want to make a collage in much less time, you must use the given template to speed up the process. An extensive library of templates for your video collage, making your process easier and faster; you would quickly find the one that suits your aesthetic. You can start by choosing a layout according to your photos. 

Many layouts feature collages where you can fit multiple images, many times in just a single frame. You just have to choose one according to your preference; your selected layout will be quickly added to your project.

You can use multiple video styles, which are good enough to give your collage a unique look. If you want to change your video style amid your project, you can make adjustments while editing.

You simply have to add your image files to the collage maker. In the collage making tools, just select My files and click the Add Media Files button. Then you have to look through videos or images that you want to include in your collage.

If you do not want to use your content or images, you can also use content from Using an image to video maker online will make your job easier as its online stock video collection consists of over a million premium stock footage. You simply have to choose and then download them for your use, which is very easy. Then, you can convert these images to video. Read more here.

Step-3 – Adding music to your collage

How about adding some great music to your collage? Don’t you think adding music will make your collage look more appealing? Before adding music to your collage, you must consider your video’s style, what is its theme, and how long is the duration of that video. 

Different themes need different types of music. For example, a dynamic video needs a rhythmic song; a romantic video will look best when teamed up with slow or medium-paced music. If you do not want to add any music, you can also add some voice-over by recording it using the built-in microphone. 

Step-4 – Creating your collage

Now when you have arranged for everything, right from the music to images, it is time to create the collage. Whatever template or tool you are using has a ‘Create Tab.’ Click on that tab, and you will pick a format and start creating the collage.

You can also use the HD format if later you want to play the collage in some family gathering on a big screen or televisions. You can also share the collage with your friends using the online platforms share button.

In the end, when you click the Export button, you can easily export your collage in your desired format on your laptop or computer and save it.

Here are some easy tips to make the best video collages.

Utilize the negative space in your collage – This is the space available just around the main subject of the photo and gives all the images some rooms to stand out and make it easier to view all the photos and how they relate to each other.

Try adding text to your collage  – The text that you add to your collage can help you tell the story you want to tell through your video collage. Try keeping your text center-aligned so that your words are the focus of your collage. 

Try going big in font sizes and use fonts like Sans Serif, Robot, or Work Sans; you should always choose fonts that are easier to read. Alternatively, you can also choose a background to make your text look stand out.

You can also choose different styles for your text. This will have a great effect on your text and will look distinct in your whole college.

Select photos that relate to each other – Some of the ways of doing this is selecting photos of the same or similar color, choosing photos of similar text, and those having relatable topics or themes.

We hope this article helps you create beautiful collages for your friends and family. Following the steps mentioned above, you will easily be able to turn all your photos into beautiful collages.