How to make extra money online, no special skills needed.


There are many ways of making money online however, most of them require you to have perfected a certain skill. Luckily, today we have a method that will make you extra cash without the need for any special skills. The method involves bitcoin exchange, if you are new to this, no need to worry, we will take you through it step by step.

What is Bitcoin cryptocurrency

Bitcoin (BTC) is a digital currency that is not associated with any country or banking system. This decentralization is one of its stronger qualities, it makes the currency remain unaffected by political instabilities and economy downfalls.

There are many other crypto-currencies, alt coins, but Bitcoin is the biggest of them all in terms of the value of 1 BTC. Today, 1 Bitcoin is equal to $16,500 ( KSh 1.65 million), though you can purchase any fraction of it, you don’t have to fork out the full amount of 1 BTC. The highest price the coin has ever reached was $19,783 in 2017, a price it has reached several times this month alone, it seems to be on track to a new record, and who knows how far it will rise? It seems like a good time to get in the cryptocurrency space and that’s where the new money making method comes in.

Bitcoin price in 2017

How to earn extra cash

You can earn some extra cash by exchanging bitcoin into cash. As we had noted earlier, 1 BTC is going for around $16,500 however there is an exchange platform called that is willing to exchange it for $19,510 in cash, that effectively makes you almost $3,000 or 15% profit. This bonus profit applies to any amount of Bitcoin that you exchange to cash. Want to know exactly how to make that extra cash? It only takes 5 simple steps.

The step by step process

Before jumping to step one, you should have a PayPal account and MPESA. In case you don’t have the former, at, you can easily create an account and integrate it with MPESA.

Step 1
On your browser, go to (or any other site where you can buy Bitcoins in Kenya just Google it) this is a platform where you can buy bitcoins using MPESA. Note, you can use your preferred platform to buy BTC, for this example, we chose LocalBitcoins. Simply sign up with your details and log in

Click “Quick Buy”
Enter the amount you wish to spend in KES
Indicate your country, Kenya
Choose your preferred method of payment as MPESA
Choose a buyer from the list shown and click “Buy”
After confirmation, click “Send trade request”

Step 2
Go to, this is the place where you exchange Bitcoin to cash and make a profit

Create an account by clicking “Sign up”
Enter your email
Enter password
Confirm password
Complete process by clicking “Sign Up”
Login to your new account

Click “Sign in” in the top right corner
Enter your email and password
Click the big “Sign in” button below the password input section
Once you have successfully logged in, click the home button to create an exchange.

Enter amount of bitcoin you want to sell, you will be shown how much you will get in your Paypal account.
Enter your Paypal account email where you want the money to be sent and click “Exchange now”

Step 3
You will be provided with a website plus the bitcoin address and bitcoins amount that should be paid.

The bitcoin address is then generated, highlight it in full and copy it to your clipboard.

Go to Localbitcoins again and click bitcoin on the upper right corner and “Send bitcoin” button
Paste the bitcoin address that you copied and the amount of coins you want to transact in the respective boxes.
Press “Continue”

Step 4
Cryptocurrencies require a waiting period from several minutes to few hours to complete a transaction, in the case of bitcoin, it has a network that conducts several confirmations before completing a sale.

Track your transaction status under the dashboard section of
Once transaction is complete, you get your money on Paypal account.
Changehigh covers the 5% processing fees that Paypal charges, this leaves you with even more money.

Step 5
Once your money is in Paypal, you can transfer it to your MPESA. You simply need to have them linked to each other on the PayPal website.

Just 5 simple steps later and you have already made yourself extra cash. Remember you can repeat this process over and over to make even more money, try today.

For more information, you can check out the website or get in touch with their support team, they respond fast too.

P.S. As you see the process is quite simple and profitable, but sometimes Paypal can hold your money for 6 months, when this happens, dont worry, if you have a fully verified Paypal account, you just need to wait out the 6 months and you will get a full refund.