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How To Know Your NHIF Number In Case You’ve Lost It

by Vanessa Waithera
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In case you’ve lost your NHIF number then you can still get to know the number if you need it urgently.

I recently lost my NHIF card and I needed the number urgently so I could use it for some salary deductions. Before you get your NHIF card you may need the number and there are different ways I tried to do so, the most effective was calling them and also sending a message to the number you’ll see below.

1.You can send a message and you’ll get your NHIF number
ID*your Id number * e.g. ID 12345678
So ideally you type the word ID followed by your ID number and send it to the shortcode 21101. You will receive a reply that will have your NHIF membership number indicated, the last month you paid and the name of your employer (where applicable).

2.Call the NHIF toll-free number -NHIF Toll Free Line 0800 720 601
Ask for your NHIF membership number, they will be glad to assist. While at it you can ask where to go nearest for a replacement of your NHIF card if you have misplaced it. I actually had to go to NHIF to get my card replacement however when I needed the number quickly the lady I spoke to was nice enough to give it to me without many questions, I just gave her my ID number.

3.Reach them on social media
If you don’t succeed with all the other ways you can try social media, the fastest way to get them is on Twitter their handle is NHIF Kenya, this is quite effective.

4.Email them
If you happen to be a traditional person and prefer being professional you can reach them on their email though I haven’t tried this and I wouldn’t be surprised if it bounces since there must be millions of Kenyans emailing them as well. Reach them on [email protected]

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