How to Pick Your Default Speakers from Windows 10


Windows 10 users also need to switch between a variety of speakers. Others may be incorporated into a computer, while others may be used in a headset or a headphone. Here’s how to configure some speakers as your default output machines.

Picking Default Speakers using settings

Using “Windows Settings,” you can easily select your default output unit. First, click the “Start” menu and select the gear icon on the left to open the “Settings” menu. You can also press Windows to open it.

Or, right-click the speaker icon in the notification area of the taskbar (system tray) and select Open Sound Settings” to go straight to the “Sound Settings” panel.

Select “System” from the “Settings” window.

Click the “Sound” button on the sidebar of the window.

Locate the “Output” portion of the “Sound” screen. In the “Choose your output device” drop-down menu, select the speakers that you would like to use as your default.

Choosing Your Default Speakers Using Control Panel

You can easily set your default speakers with just a few clicks using the speaker icon in your device tray. Second, right-click the speaker icon on the taskbar and pick “Sounds” from the menu that appears.

Click the “Playback” tab in the “Sound” tab.

You can see a list of speakers recognized by Windows in the “Playback” tab. (If you don’t see speakers that you want to see here some troubleshooting might be in order.) In the list, highlight speakers that you would like to use as your default speakers, then press the “Set Default” button.