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How to transfer a logbook using NTSA website

You can pass ownership of a motor vehicle electronically through the National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) website.

Below is how to transfer a logbook

Register for the TIMS

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Go to csp.jsp.

All parties (buyer and seller) need to build individual accounts.

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Click on the REGISTER AND ACCOUNT button and select the registration options (individual, car dealer, financial institution or company)

Please fill in the details as needed

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To receive an SMS warning for a hidden code that confirms a good transaction, please click on the SMS subscription option at the top right corner.

How to make the transfer

To enter the menu, press the VEHICLE REGISTRATION button.


Click the Build NEW button and the vehicle registration number key

To find more about the car, click INQUIRE.

Then press the Display button to get more details

UPLOAD a scanned copy of your logbook

Under New Vehicle, the seller can choose whether they are an entity, a company, a dealer or a financial institution.

Key in the national ID number if the transfer is made as an entity

If you are trading as a business, click the ADD option in the PIN number key.

Pick Smartphone to proceed to security verification.

Select SEND VERIFICATION CODE and enter the code you receive on your phone.

If the seller clicks Send, the buyer will receive notification via SMS that the vehicle has been transferred to them and that they are either expected to approve or refuse the transfer.

To accept the transfer

Log in to csp.jsp.

Tap on Display to see the details of the vehicle

Pick the Authentication MODE for security verification, and press Submit to get the code on your computer.

The key to the verification and either ACCEPT or DECLINES the transfer (decline will revert the vehicle back to the owner)

If you click on ACCEPT, please fill in the necessary details.

Then click on SUBMIT to send an application to NTSA for processing.

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Yvone Kendi
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