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How to Restore your Lost Contacts on your Android Phone.

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 Of course, you can always pay for a website and a third-party service to retrieve your phone contacts. Google makes it easy to access the contacts that you have stored on your device or SIM card. In all cases, you can restore these contacts to a new phone or other device. Ones contacts need to be saved to your Google Account. The excellent thing is that you certainly by now moved your contacts to Google when you set up your Android device.

How to Restore Gmail Android Contacts?

  • Find out by going to your Gmail
  • Tapping on the grid icon at the top right corner
  • You can automatically sync it to any device that you have
  • You can always turn off auto-sync or choose which apps you want to sync.

You can search for lost Android contacts on your SIM card.

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  • Go to your phone’s “Contacts”
  • Discover the “Menu” button at the bottom right of the page (three vertical dots)
  • Contacts to display
  • “All Contacts” slide to “ON”

If “OFF” is used to show all contacts on Android.

Retrieve deleted contacts from Android directly

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  • Download and install it

Simply download Android data recovery software. Open it on your desktop.

  • Connect your Android phone

Link your Android device to your computer via USB cable. The device will also be identified by the computer automatically.

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  • Launch the Debugging mode on your Android phone

Android Data Recovery will detect your Android version and direct you to enable the USB debugging mode on your phone to manage your phone on your computer. 

  • Select the contact to recover

This app also allows you to retrieve deleted text messages or recover lost photos/videos from your Android phone.

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