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5 Reasons Why Your iPhone Wants You to Update Way More Apps Than Usual

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iPhone users are now concerned because Apple’s iOS is making its users upgrade and update their apps way more frequently than ever before. Some of you have wondered how that is possible or what is going on with Apple right now – the answer isn’t that simple. There are many reasons why the iOS device is currently making its users change the frequency of their updates.

Reason Number 1: Because you’ve just installed a new operating system

The first reason why Apple would make you update more frequently than usual is that they are currently upgrading their Operating System or OS. When your apps and drivers are out of date, your device will automatically remind you of what you need to do. “These reminders can be quite annoying, especially because they always seem to pop up when you’re in the middle of doing something important, but they are highly effective,” writes personal statement writing service  coordinator, Dan Pathway. Patches and updates are necessary for the well-functioning of our iPhones. They can fix codes that were not working properly before and make important changes to how your iOS device is running the show.

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OS releases a new upgrade every year (almost), so upgrading to the new program is highly important. This will keep your device innovative and brand-new, especially when it comes to new features. Keep your OS up to date to stay updated on the latest functions of your iPhone!

Reason Number 2: Because there are new features available

As I mentioned in the previous point, software updates are very important to keep your iPhone running smoothly. So, when a bunch of apps have new features available, so might your iOS device. Revisions are necessary for both apps and software programs, so it’s important to look into the steps that you must follow and go from there. Running the latest version of an app or software program will allow users to get the most out of those apps/programs.

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Also, consider security flaws that might be present within one of your apps – if you don’t update on time (even if that means more often), there is a high chance your privacy settings might be changed without you even knowing. Hackers can then hack into your device and steal private data from you; they will later use that to target your vulnerability. You don’t have to be a college reviews expert to realize that writing code for malicious purposes is wrong – so try to protect your data as much as you can.

You should also be aware of the latest technological upgrades and keep up with those. Apple is introducing new apps every year if not quarter and is working hard to offer its users all the necessary tools that they need. Being updated on the latest technologies can be super important for you as a user; it can change your perspective on using both your iOS device and the apps that run it.

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Some apps use upgrades as a reminder of their existence – if they didn’t ask you to upgrade, you’d forget all about their existence and use. This is a very common thing to do in the app development industry; these updates can attract new users and entice the old ones to re-use the app. Other apps ask users to upgrade to change their brand identity, which can be another reason why Apple is asking you to be more active than usual with your upgrades. 

Reason Number 3: Because the Beta version is still unavailable

iPhone might make you update more frequently because you’ve tried installing the new Beta version on your device. You should know by now that the new version, even if seemingly available, is still not working for its testers. You could upgrade to the new version to check out the latest features but that could be a downside for your time and money. That’s because there are still risks to running the new Beta version, as I already mentioned, so testing it won’t bring you any serious benefits besides the constant upgrade notifications.

“Today, you could install iOS 14 on your phone for free, but nobody could give you the certainty that it works well or runs how it should,” writes essay writing service UK  Specialist, Vanessa Hughes. “Your best bet would be waiting until some of the users will upgrade to the new version and read the reviews. You could also wait to see if they fix the bugs that they are struggling with and then install it yourself to see if it works,” ends Vanessa. If you do the latter, make sure that your data is backed up – with the new version of the iOS system, you might risk losing your data, and nobody wants that.

Reason Number 4: Because it’s not only about you – but it is about you

Okay, this might sound too complicated to figure out but hear me out! How is upgrading an app about you and not about you at the same time? Here’s a short explanation.

Cybersecurity is indeed mostly about you, but when it comes to the major scale, it is about other people too. Say your iOS device gets hit by a virus; without knowing that this is happening because you haven’t upgraded, you could easily pass it to your friends, family, and colleagues. It’s about yourself individually but then also about the community as a whole – do you want to give back or take from it?

Reason Number 5: Because you don’t want to downgrade

You deserve the best! So, if you are not entirely sure whether you should upgrade or not, the answer is YES. Why? Because, as I said so many times before, updates can secure new features and improve what’s not working.. App and software updates are about you in most ways because they improve your reliability but also the program’s performance, which increases speed and maximizes utilization. So, you can ignore your updates and upgrades that you are presented with, but this will do nothing but take away from your iPhone’s ability to work more efficiently. It is important to know what you can and cannot do when it comes to making changes to your iOS device, so staying updated on the latest trends is a big plus.


If you are concerned that your iOS device is making you update more frequently than usual, worry no more. It is normal that this happens, and it can actually be a useful feature to have. Many smartphone apps use upgrades to keep their clients satisfied, so be happy that this is going on right now and know that you always have the ability to say ‘no’ if you don’t want an upgrade.

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