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Explainer Videos- 10 Tips for Successful Marketing Campaign

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Explainer videos are popular in marketing campaigns. With more and more enterprises opting for video marketing, there’s no better time to try this marketing technique. However, there are critical factors to keep in mind when designing explainer videos for your business. The type of content, your choice of images, and the video length are defining factors in your success. There are also many other tactics to employ for a successful video marketing campaign.

What are explainer videos?

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Explainer videos are concise marketing videos used by most companies. They are handy for explaining a company’s products and services to attract more clients. That’s not all! You’ll likely find explainer videos on a landing page on a website’s home page. Some companies place them on main product pages, though! Explainer videos are popular among most businesses and are an excellent way of boosting traffic and sales.

Why use explainer videos in business marketing?

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These videos are short and engaging compared to text documents. They are highly likely to draw more clients, which translates to high traffic and a boost in sales. What’s more? Explainer videos use different images that keep viewers engaged and entertained. 

Video production companies like Spiel always advise business owners to use short videos. They raise the chances of viewers watching to the end. And this makes them better options, unlike pages of text that are associated with low attention span. 

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Lastly, explainer videos are sharable, and most clients can easily share them with a vast number of people online. They raise the chances of going viral, which makes it easier to reach your target audience.The results? More traffic, more conversions, increased sales, improved profits and more.

How can I use explainer videos for a successful video marketing campaign?

Explainer videos allow for lots of creativity, and you can tweak the content to match your needs. From the use of captivating images, to sound- your choices are limitless. There are also other ways to create amazing explainer videos for a successful marketing campaign. These are;

1. Be concise& Consistent

Shoppers have a short attention span, and the longer the videos, the higher the possibility of viewers abandoning them in the middle. Why not use short videos and enjoy better results? Concise and sharable videos attract many viewers and have higher conversion rates. For excellent results, keep it simple and post new content often. 

2. The view duration matters!

All explainer videos are created differently. If the video length is shorter than desired, use them and be more creative. Also, have different placements for this will still offer the desired information to your target audience. Talk to leading explainer video companies and seek ideas on the most suitable videos for your brand. 

3. Have your videos in other forms

Explainer videos are engaging and compelling. But, some clients prefer text information, and others have visual or hearing problems. It’s then advisable to have your information in text documents or subtitled formats. For excellent results, create your video content in video-only or transcription formats to accommodate all viewers.

4. Simplicity works!

Create high-level and easy to understand videos. Have the text on the screen and give links to additional content. This makes it easier for viewers to grasp the information. It also allows viewers to dig deeper if seeking more information about your products. 

5. Be sure of the story to tell.

Video making isn’t a new marketing trend. Most companies use this technique to reach out to potential clients. For excellent results, you need the best videos to captivate viewers and draw their attention. How is this possible? Know the exact story that you want to tell. 

Think of the best ways to convey information and choose clear images. Moreover, be simple and focus on solving a problem rather than being the problem. This way, you’ll engage all clients, even those with a short attention span. 

6. Understand the fundamentals

 The introduction, core and call to action matter a lot in video marketing. Pay attention to these stages and create them in a way that will attract viewers and engage them to the end. Use analytics to gather client data as they leave, and get to know how to improve your videos.

7. Get to know your viewers.

Understand your viewers and target clients through careful exploration. For example, post questions on various online forums and design the content to match their responses and common inquiries. Know when they watch the videos, their location and device used. For instance, viewers using a mobile device have a short attention span, and you can easily lose them with long videos. 

Be straightforward and get to the point! On the other hand, views on desktops have more time to spare. But you still can’t bombard them with lengthy explainer videos. Instead, invest in storytelling video and get into details. 

8. Don’t forget your brand identity

 It’s easy to focus more on your explainer vides and forget about your brand identity. To avoid this, include visual brand elements like overlays, logos and arrows. Also, maintain brand consistency with the right fonts and colors. What of the theme? Create a specific theme for some videos, particularly those focusing on thought leadership. This way, customers will always look forward to the next series.

9. Optimize your videos for voice search

Online search is the future of SEO, and this applies to both videos and audios. Explainer videos are highly engaging and optimizing them for voice search works wonders. However, choose your video content wisely and use engaging graphics and images to draw more viewers.

10. Simplify complex topics

The use of explainer videos in marketing allows business owners to use animations, images and text. Use them to simplify product content to make it easy to understand. Only use the key points and provide your audience with an inside look for complex products. For instance, an animated explainer video will keep viewers more entertained. It’ll also help them to understand the basics of your most complex products.

 Final thoughts

Explainer videos are a great way of marketing your products and services. They can easily go viral and will reach a wide range of potential clients. However, it’s critical to include the right content in your videos. To achieve this, hire professional video companies, and enjoy high success levels in your marketing campaigns.

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