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Gift cards remain one of the most popular presents today. Besides, they are becoming very popular for use in motivational programs. According to recent research, 82% of active Internet users in the United States would like to spend their money or bonuses on gift cards.

A special place among this type of gift belongs to the opportunity to buy gift cards with bitcoin. The products of such popular brands as Apple Store, Amazon, eBay, Playstation Network, Google Play, Netflix, and Sephora, among others, are the most popular. About a third of all transactions with bitcoin today are made through gift cards of these companies.

What are gift cards and why are they so popular?

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Gift cards, in addition to the role of a gift, can also be an excellent tool that allows you to easily and quickly send funds abroad at any time, without using any bank transfers.

The growing popularity of gift cards can be explained by several factors:

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– They can be instantly and easily purchased for cash – today, gift cards of various brands are available at any gas station, store, and pharmacy, and on newspaper counter around the world.

– They have a stable value.

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– Gift card activation codes can be transmitted in a single message.

– The exchange and sale of gift cards are not prohibited by the law of most countries.

Gift cards are like stable assets that can be purchased in almost every corner of the world. Now it is clear why bitcoin holders are increasingly choosing gift cards to make P2P transactions with bitcoin? These cards act as an analog of fiat currencies, while maintaining the anonymity of the buyer, and make it possible to make an international transfer of funds.

Moreover, users of such P2P platforms as CoinGate, Paxful, Hodl Hodl can buy gift cards with a significant discount on the platform – these are the cards that are put up for sale by freelancers or employees of companies who received them for their services in countries with unstable economies, or migrants who use gift cards to convert their earned cash into bitcoin and transfer money abroad home in this form.

How to choose and buy a gift card for bitcoins?

Users of P2P services have access to a wide range of offers for exchanging bitcoins for gift cards. So, in the first place in popularity are the gift cards of the Apple Store, followed by the Playstation Network, Sephora, eBay, Google Play, Steam, Amazon, iTunes, and others.

It is very easy to make a deal. For example, to buy gift cards with bitcoin on CoinGate, you need to select “Products” – “Gift Cards” – “Visit the store” in the main menu of the CoinGate website. Then choose the card you need and the type of cryptocurrency and payment method. After successful completion of the payment, you will immediately receive the desired card.

Note. Never transfer bitcoins without checking the balance of the purchased gift card. It is necessary to withdraw the nominal value of the card and save it on your account before transferring the cryptocurrency to the buyer. You need to transfer bitcoins only when the seller is sure that the purchased gift card is valid. Following this simple rule, deals with gift cards will be safe for all participants of the transaction.


Buying gift cards on P2P platforms is becoming more and more popular every day. Developers are constantly expanding the functionality of their online trading systems, making this payment method more and more secure. Undoubtedly, this method of BTC-exchange will only improve over time.

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Milcah Lukhanyu
Milcah Lukhanyu
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