Why should you choose an i7 laptop over an i5 laptop?

When looking for a new laptop computer, many people are unsure whether to get one with an Intel i7 or an i5 processor. Except for the minority who do not have a budget problem, the majority must weigh the options and decide whether the extra money spent on a super-fast i7 instead of a reasonably fast i5 is worth the investment.

Intel’s Core i7 processors are well-known for their high overall performance. This processor is purpose-built for high-end laptops and desktop computers.

Key features of the Core i7 Processor

The Core i5 is a mid-range system with dual-core/quad-core processors. This processor type is also suitable for laptop and desktop computers. Its main features are as follows:

Among the benefits of Core i7 processors are:

Making the Core Choice

If your job requires you to use high-end applications such as the Adobe suite or play a variety of high-level games, i7 processors are the way to go.

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