Risiti has made it better for shoppers in Kenya by providing rewards after shopping.


Going shopping has been made even better by Risiti. Risiti grants you an opportunity to receive instant rewards immediately after shopping. Risiti works with different brands who make this possible. The Risiti app is a platform where purchasers upload receipts after they shop. Based on various campaigns the shoppers receive instant gifts. The consumers are required to take a pic of the shopping receipt. You are therefore required to upload the shopping receipt picture on the Risiti app. With Risiti deals, there is a certainty that you can save a wide range on numerous products. Those everyday shopping receipts can enable you to save by buying from different brands and stores. Digital vouchers, discounts are earned from Risiti. Risiti consents to trade your Risiti coins to gift cards or cash.

How Risiti works with brands

Create your campaign.

As a brand, you are required to set rules with rewards. The more presentable it is; the more consumers get attracted. They end up buying as well.

Acquire real and tortious vision.

The value added reports and level information of the items are needed from the brands.

Frequent traces on campaigns

Once the brand understands the purchase behavior they should be able to work better on their visions.

The listed are Risiti capabilities:

Swift Delivery.

Promotions are designed deprived of any addition with POS systems for retailers.

Knowledge on consumer behavior.

All insights and information needed about the consumer are provided.

Awarding all shoppers.

As a retailer, normalizing on rewarding everyone who has purchased is the best idea. However, Risiti offers appropriate gifts for various consumers.

Aiming higher.

Retargeting enables to check on current or potential shoppers. This is through looking at their past shopping behavior. After having this information, Risiti reaches out to them.

Multichannel purchasers traced.

Dedicated shoppers from numerous channels of trade should be rewarded. Risiti designs precise retailer offers.

Raising campaigns.

For more consumer loyalty, Risiti works on campaign effectiveness as this creates more customer awareness.

Risiti is an absolutely free mobile app. It has countless deals for purchasers. The best customer services are offered to all shoppers. Favorite brands for the majority of people work with Risiti. Brands such as Philips, Unilever, Duracell, Unilever, Golf, Solo, Vivadent etc. A bonus after shopping is very exciting for everyone. Contact Risiti at:[email protected] or +254 73509530587.Risiti is located at Mombasa road, Panesar center, Ground floor. Nairobi Kenya. You can reach out through their social media handles as well. Risiti aims at rewarding shoppers as they all deserve it.