Nigeria’s Overwood Capital wants to be the go-to investment platform for the common man


Overwood Capital, a Nigerian tech-enabled startup aims to provide a safe, high yield investment platform for regular people in Nigeria and open up the opportunity for everyone to grow their money regardless of the amount of money at their disposal.

Majority of the people worldwide often face difficulties when it comes to finding the right investment plan. This is because of the numerous problems afflicting the investor’s world of today. Among the problems that investors face include: too much debt, insufficient economic growth to service that debt, too much functionally insolvent banks, etc.

Founded in 2020 by Dr. Tayo Oyedeji, Overwood Capital is bringing a conservative approach to investment designed to minimize risk to the invested capital as well as guaranteeing a good return.

The startup helps users invest in mutual funds, money market instruments, credit-backed instruments, government bonds, treasury bills and capital market instruments. Pooled resources give Overwood Capital access to secure investment products in the global market. Being a safety-first fund, investments from Overwood Capital are weighted towards bonds and money market instruments.

Strategy  planned by Overwood Capital  entails elements such as :Safety first whereby Overwood Capital invests about 80% of the funds’ net assets in dividend-paying money market instruments to reduce the risk at which the funds are exposed. An additional of 15% of the fund is invested in other pooled investment vehicles which have higher returns. The highest return is the 5% of the fund which is invested in riskier assets which extremely have high returns.

Investment duration with Overwood is a minimum tenor of 90 days and no maximum tenor. Customers can choose to keep their investments as long as they wish and there is an assurance that their money will keep earning results daily. Overwood offers 8-12 % returns on investment and this is determined by the market value for each day. Investments begin to earn results from 12 midnight the same day one invests .The daily returns earned are credited to the clients’ Overwood account at 12 midnight daily.

Clients get an opportunity to monitor the daily dividends accrued on their investment on the Overwood Capital dashboard. The minimum amount that customers can invest is NGN50, 000.

Best customer service is provided for clients as their customer details are encrypted and securely stored in the cloud. In this way, the information is undisclosed to a third party. Working with a PCIDSS-compliant processor to handle all customers’ details ensures that Overwood Capital does not store any card details belonging to clients. Fund security is assured as investments are only made in instruments that provide very high likelihood of principal safety.

Withdrawals from Overwood can be made from all investments at the set maturity date or anytime aftwerwards.An option for withdrawal before maturity date is allowed for clients who really need the money. However any withdrawal made before the maturity date will attract a 40% penalty fee on the interest. The principal amount will depreciate the early withdrawal fee on the interest.

Open and secure investment services in Nigeria are offered by Overwood Capital. Clients are encouraged to use the Overwood platform to invest without any worries.