Kenya’s Lami wants to revolutionize traditional insurance with new digital distribution channels


Lami, a Kenyan insurtech startup aims to digitize the entire insurance value chain in a bid to expand  its customer base by providing clients with affordable and accessible insurance products.

Lami’s preprotery technology lowers insurance distribution costs, reduces insurance premiums and helps reach a wider population in Kenya.

Founded by Jihan Abass, Lami delivers insurance services that are fully digitized through distribution channels in the right context, targeting new age distribution channels like online platforms, digital logistics companies, banking apps, etc. New digital younger customers are the target for Lami as they are well conversant with the current digital channels.

In January 2020, the startup launched its first product running on the Lami API, the Griffin motor insurance app, East Africa’s first digital car insurance application. Since then Lami has begun offering its service to B2B partners to streamline their insurance operations and distribute new age products.

Platforms such as Follow Me Talk, JumiaPay, Bima TekeTeke, etc are changing the way customers engage with insurance products and services. Follow Me Talk is an  insurance for mobile devices and loans against credit default. Jumia Pay offers digital insurance on the largest e-commerce platform in Africa. Bima TekeTeke  has enabled easy, convenient insurance for bus drivers. Lami also uses its POS system to create a bundling insurance for cas, motorbikes and other goods allowing customers to get cover on arrival at the Port of Mombasa thanks to Lami.

The startup charges a fee on each processed insurance policy and then distributes insurance via its technological infrastructure. Underwriters are simultaneously given access to markets that they were unable to reach in the past.

Lami platform and API handles things like KYC, pricing, underwriting and claims processing all in one place. This can be used to create, distribute and embed any type of insurance product at any point of sale.

Since launch, Lami has sold over 3,000 policies via its distribution platforms such as Jumia and Standard Bank. Lami is aiming to extend its operations to the rest of East Africa and a few countries in West Africa soon.