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WhatsApp Alternative Applications For Better Privacy

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Whatsapp, a messenger Application, has been trending previously from various social media platforms to another for the part of 2021. I know that you are aware of the new WhatsApp policy changes that come into effect from May 15th, 2021. If you accept these new terms, then this means that Whatsapp will share your data with Facebook. To understand more about these new terms and conditions from WhatsApp, please do visit here.

In our discussion today, Techmoran invites you to know which applications allow or secure your data besides providing you with many functionalities that you can not achieve while using WhatsApp.

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Telegram, for a good number of reasons, may replace WhatsApp due to various factors. It may be because of its close similarities to WhatsApp or maybe just because of its valuable features. However, let us take a look at why Telegram is unique rather than pampering it with lots of goodies.

Rather than just focusing on the user interface (UI) alone, Telegram is also good at implementing its core features, Making more people prefer this Application. To understand this, for example. In WhatsApp, you can not achieve setting up bots, conducting surveys, and setting up your channels that are possible while using Telegram. In addition, the messaging Application allows you to do single chats/video calls, group chats.

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What else can Telegram do?

  1. It supports short video messages.
  2. You can edit your messages after you have sent them. The App can control the image and video compression quality.
  3. Allows transferring of data between iOS devices to Android and vice versa
  4. Supports many devices
  5. Seamless transfer of chat data from Android to iOS and vice versa.
  6. Your number is not shared in public groups.
  7. There is no maximum or a minimum number of people that you can add to a group.
  8. Messages are synced instantly including drafted messages
  9. Voice chat in groups; however, Telegram has not yet implemented group video calls when writing this article.

Encryption in Telegram is not enabled by default. However, I think these messaging apps more way fun and cool to use rather than WhatsApp.Telegram boasts over 500milion users.


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The App’s popularity came to public eyes clearly after WhatsApp decided to implement its terms. Before that, the App was not known by many, but after being endorsed by the likes of Edward Snowden and Elon Musk, Signal has continued to highlight its focus on privacy, privacy, and security as its best qualities.

Why is Signal unique?

Compared to Telegram and WhatsApp, Signal is more secure since the App is free from either running ads or practicing affiliate marketing. However, in terms of promising functionalities, Telegram is more powerful. For example, Telegram lacks features such as single chats, groups, video, and voice calls.
If you doubt that Telegram is not honest with handling your data signal may be the option for you, among the three apps. Signal has the least number of registered users with a base of 50 million.

Get Signal for the Android or Get Signal for the iOS.


Pay us and use our unique features. Unfortunately, this is what you will have to sign up for to access services from this App.

What Threema offers:

Allows group chats, distribution lists, and channels
support video/audio calls and surveys
Allows desktop clients. However, just like WhatsApp, your phone needs to be connected for it to function.

Why is Threema unique?

The apps put your privacy at the front level. After you have paid your four euros, the company doesn’t want to know anything more about you. You create your ID and can use the App anonymously forever. Finding a person via their ID is only possible if they voluntarily grant you access—a real added value in data protection and privacy. As you might think, all communication via Threema is end-to-end encrypted, and no data is stored on their servers.

Threema is very feature-rich, but the paid marketing ideal means that it will probably continue to attract only a niche fans that is very concerned about online privacy. It is unlikely that the critical crowd reached by WhatsApp, Telegram, or even Signal will be realized in its prevailing form. Oh, and if I haven’t mentioned it yet, Threema isn’t that great when transferring chat backups from one device to another.

Threema, unlike most other free apps, is a paid app where you spend 3.99 euros(511.94 Kenyan Shilling) for download.

GET Threema FOR ANDROID or GET Threema FOR iOS

The apps mentioned above are by far the most popular. However, let us look at what these apps offer and how different they are from the rest.


Android users will probably be disappointed with this App us it is available only on iOS despite it being very significant. Though not as familiar to many as Whatsapp is, it is still promising not only to the US but also to the outside world.

The following features are available via the Application:

  1. supports end-to-end encryption
  2. supports cross-platform messaging – limited to Apple products only
  3. send and receive money with Apple Pay


But it is meant for gaming. How does it serve as a messaging app? This Application serves as the primary chat platform for gamers. The Application well updates with interactive and powerful, and valuable features. This is what Discord does:
Supports single chats, group chats with a maximum of 10 people, group calls, and media sharing
it is available in Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and even Linux

What’s your favorite Application mentioned in this article. Let us know in the comment section as well as those we could have said.

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