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Gozem Launches a Taxi booking service in Libreville Gabon.

by Milcah Lukhanyu
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Gozem a transport technology platform has today launched a taxi booking service in Libreville the capital city of Gabon.

The goal of the company is to simplify and improve quality of life for various stakeholders via its unique digital ecosystem. The taxi cab booking service will make it easy for users to move around the city and on the other hand drivers will earn a living.

The service is available for free for android and ios and users can download the Gozem app and take trips through the city. Customers who would want to use the app, can simply open the app ,enter their location, select their destination, launch their order and the nearest available Gozem driver comes to pick them up. At the end of the ride the app calculates the price based on the distance traveled with the use of Gps technology, so there is no need to negotiate.

Payment option can be channeled through cash,Airtel Money,Moov Money or by use of a credit card ,this move will bring a  revolution in Gabons transport sector which has been traditionally dominated by cash payment services.

According to Cecilia Kouna,Deputy Country Manager Gozem,Gabon,They are excited to start operations in Gabon with a simplified, safer and more convenient taxi booking solution.She said that they are confident that this innovation will create real value for passengers and drivers in the Gabonese market.And very soon afterwards, they will continue to add value by expanding the range of services gozem offers in Gabon to include delivery services and more.

Apart from standard car taxis ,Gozem offers motorcycle taxis, tricycle taxis well as delivery  of groceries, gas bottles, meals and many more.

The app was begun in 2018 to bring world class services to diverse African populations by leveraging smartphone, PS and other technologies. Their services range from transportation-commerce and financial services and their target sectors include consumer, transportation providers and businesses.

Raphael Dana Co-founder at Gozem said they are proud to offer, this high quality, everyday Service that responds to the needs of Gabonese population, while continuing to expand Gozem to the region. Their ambition is to consolidate their status as a premier super app in Africa and expansion to Central Africa, our first foray outside of West Africa, also allows the company to prepare for upcoming expansion to Cameroon.

Gozem is present in 10 French speaking cities of Togo, Benin and now Gabon with over 500,000 registered users who have completed more than 2.5 million trips since it first launch since November 2018.

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